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Every month the BGC Archives features a unique document, photograph, film, or other archival material from the history of evangelism.

The documents and images featured in these exhibits are for the personal use of scholars, students, and the general public. Any commercial use or publication is strictly prohibited

November 1996: Corrie Ten Boom - God's Humble Servant
from Collection 224, box 1, folder 2
November 1997: A Life Time of Evangelism and Song
J. Stratton Shufelt
from Collection 277, box 2, folder 8

June 1998: The Auca Martyrs of 1956
Jim Elliot, Pete Fleming, T. Edward McCully, Nate Saint, and Roger Youderian, Ecuador

from Collection 300, OS 27

July 1998: IVCF's First Student Missionary Convention
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Toronto

from PHOTO FILE: Bill Glass Ministries - N.d.

August 1998: Documenting Prison Ministries
Bill Glass Ministries

from PHOTO FILE: William Drury

September 1998: "God is in the Restoration Business: The Billy Drury Story"

Clipping from Collection 330, found loose in minute book in box 67, folder 2.  Other featured items in box 31, folder 9 and box 42, folder 3

October 1998: "A Story of the Titanic"
Rev. John Harper, The Moody Church (Chicago)

from Collection 20, box 20, folder 18

November 1998: "A Multitude of Ministries"
Herbert J. Taylor

from PHOTO FILE: Christmas
December 1998: "Christmas Plays"
Bridgman Memorial School in Shanghai, China
from PHOTO FILE: Prayer Breakfasts - Presidential, 1960
January 1999: "Presidential Prayer Breakfasts"
President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Abraham Vereide, William Jones, International Christian Leadership, Fellowship Foundation
from Collection 349, OS 1
February 1999: "Let HCJB...."
Clarence W. Jones
from Small Collection 65
March 1999: "Spreading the Knowledge of Our Lord and Saviour Throughout the World" - A Missionary letter from 1856
Joseph K. Wight, China
from Collection 379, box 48, folder 2
April 1999: The Woman's Union Missionary Society
Medical and Educational Work in China, India and Japan.
from Collection 47, box 3, folder 1
May 1999: Mel Trotter
Rescue Mission
from Collection 35, box 1, folder 6
July 1999: The Poems of Fanny Crosby

from PHOTO FILE: Daniel Paul Rader

August 1999: Paul Rader
from Collection 360, scrapbook 5
September 1999: The 1949 Christ for Greater Los Angeles Campaign
from Collection 544, box 5, folder 13
October 1999: "A Twentieth Century Crusade" The Papers of Percy and Ruth Crawford
  November 1999: Youth For Christ Throughout the World
from PHOTO FILE: Christmas
The December 1999 Bulletin board was a repeat of December 1998
from PHOTO FILE: Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth

January 2000: Missionary Life in China One Hundred Years Ago
Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth

from Collection 19, box 5, folder 47
February 2000: "I Object to Billy Graham"
from Collection 277, box 1, folder 3
March 2000: Jim Elliot: Christian Martyr
from Collection 17, international crusade files
April 2000: BGEA Crusade Logos
from PHOTO FILE: Arthur and Dorothea Allen
May 2000: James Hudson Taylor - The Start and Finish of His Journey
from PHOTO FILE: Evangelism-in-Depth
June 2000: "Jesus Is the Light of the World": Evangelism-in-Depth
Latin America Mission
from Collection 107, box 2, folder 2
July 2000: Preach the Word: R. A. Torrey
from PHOTO FILE: BGEA: Charlotte Crusade, Sept. 21-Oct. 26, 1958
August 2000: Charlotte, 1958 - The Hometown Crusade
from Collection 165.  Transferred to the Billy Graham Center Museum
September 2000: Poster Evangelism
from Photo Album: Kline, Stanley IV (B)
October 2000: Missionaries of Africa Inland Mission
John Buyse
Still frame from Collection 54, film F29
November 2000: Television's Hour of Decision
from PHOTO FILE: Christmas
The December 2000 Bulletin board was a repeat of December 1998
from Collection 109, box 1, folder 5
January 2001: Rodney "Gipsy" Smith
from PHOTO FILE: Bill Glass Ministries, 1969
February 2001: Bill Glass Ministries
from Collection 38, OS 10
March 2001: "I Send You To Reap" - The Opening OF The Chicago Gospel Tabernacle
Paul Rader
from Photo Album OMF XIV-Angthong
April 2001: Spread Across the Countryside - OMF's Rural Work in Thailand
from Photo Album: Plymire, Victor G. IV
May 2001: Bring the Gospel to the World - Victor Plymire in Tibet
from Collection 8, box 14, folder 1
June 2001: "Evangelical Witness in a Modern Medium"
from Collection 330, box 19, folder 6
July 2001: "At Night Fellows Who Curse All Day Long Get On Their Knees" Victory Mail in the Archives
Moody Church, Rev. Harry A. Ironside
from Collection 17, box 338, folders 14 and 17
August 2001: Child Evangelists in Finland
from  Photo Album: Anderson, Helen Mount I
September 2001: "The Hope of Being Used in Bringing Others to the Lord"
Helen Anderson, China Inland Mission
from PHOTO FILE: African Americans
October 2001: Holistic Evangelism in the Deep South
Voice of Calvary Ministries, John Perkins
from PHOTO FILE: Peggy Haggett Allen
November 2001: A Missionary Family in Africa
Kenneth and Ruth Allen, Africa Inland Mission
from PHOTO FILE: Christmas
The December 2001 Bulletin board was a repeat of December 1998
from Collection 231, OS24
January 2002: You Can Get There From Here -- Maps in the Archives
China Inland Mission map
February 2002: Women Missionary Societies
Woman's Union Missionary Society
March 2002: Tent Raising Experiences
Jack Shuler
from Photo File: 
Armstrong, Philip
April 2002: Out of the Crisis . . .
Far Eastern Gospel Crusade (now SEND International).
May 2002: We Loved Them Then But Now We Are Taught To Hate
Philip Armstrong, Far Eastern Gospel Crusade (now SEND International)
June 2002: Victor Plymire's Tibet
July 2002: Consuella York: "The Jail Preacher"
August 2002: Scrapbooks: Familiar But Unpredictable
September 2002: Missionaries to China
Alexander Saunders
October 2002: New Zealand's Glorious Revival - The Torrey-Alexander New Zealand Mission of 1902
Reuben Archer Torrey, Sr., Charles Alexander
November 2002: Evangelist Tom Skinner: "Offering a New Beginning"
December 2002: A 1926 Christmas message
Paul Rader, Chicago Gospel Tabernacle
January 2003: I seek to express my thoughts
Marguerite Goodner Owen, China Inland Mission
February 2003: Montrose Waite and The Afro-American Missionary Crusade
from Collection 215, Box 3, Folder 11
March 2003: China Inland Mission's Call for Two Hundred Workers
Betty Stam, Otto & Katie Schoerner, Ruth Elliot
from Photo Album OC International I
April 2003: A Picture and a Thousand Words: Village Evangelism in Taiwan
May 2003: "Explaining the Hope Within You": Testimonies at Billy Graham Evangelistic Meetings
Greater London Crusade, 1954, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
June 2003: Missionaries of China Inland Mission
PF: Medical Care - China
July 2003: "I was sick and you looked after me"
Medical work in China (Margaret Williamson Hospital), Ecuador, India, Kenya, Dr. James Propst
from Records of Moody Church, Collection 330, box 71, folder 2
August 2003: "An Ideal Missionary Volunteer"
William Borden "Borden of Yale"
from Collection 215, Box 3, Folder 3
September 2003: "Work Among the Lisu"
Isobel Kuhn
from Photo folder: BGEA: Spanish-American Crusade, New York City, 1960
October 2003: "Little Latin America"
Billy Graham Spanish America Crusade, New York
from Photo File: Stumpf, Hulda
November 2003: "An Earnest Desire..."
Hulda Stumpf, Kenya
from PHOTO FILE: Christmas
The December 2003 Bulletin board was a repeat of December 1998
from Accession 99-21
January 2004: Pray to God for Swaziland
Petra Malena "Malla" Moe, Scandinavian Alliance Mission now TEAM
from Collection 25, Box 2, Folder 13
February 2004: Missionary Currency
China Inland Mission
March 2004: It Was Fifty Years Ago Today...
BGEA Greater London Crusade, 1954
from Photo Album: Barr, Laura Isabelle I
April 2004: "This Is Africa & I Love It!"
Laura Barr
from Collection 19, Box 3, Folder 13, letter dated April 18, 1954
May 2004: "Thank God We Have A Part in the Greatest Thing Happening in the World Today." An Inside View of the 1954 Greater London Crusade
Dr. Robert Ferm
from PF: Evans, Colleen Townsend
June 2004: A Renaissance Woman for Christ
Colleen Townsend Evans
From the cover of the Lausanne 74 Program and Information booklet.  There is a copy in Collection 53, Box 3, Folder 6
July 2004: Let the Earth Hear His Voice
International Congress on World Evangelization, Lausanne Switzerland.
From the Papers of Torrey M. Johnson, Collection 285, box 3, folder 3.
August 2004: Campaigning For Souls
Chicago Convention Campaign, Torrey Johnson, Jim Vaus
From the Records of Africa Inland Mission, International, Collection 81, box 21, folder 4.
September 2004: Survivors
Walter and Clara Guilding, Africa Inland Mission, Zamzam
October 2004: So Be It!
Billy Graham Center Dedication, Hudson Armerding, Billy Graham, Charles Malik, Grady Wilson
from CN 130 P6
November 2004: Evangelistic Troubadour
Homer Rodeheaver
December 2004: Christmas Stamps
Youth for Christ, International
January 2005: "I Study the Child's Face"
Lillian Dickson, Muster Seed, Inc.
February 2005: The Church in Black and White: William E. Pannell
from Collection 195, Box 1, Folder 23
March 2005: Pouring the Liquor Back into Hell
William E. Biederwolf
from Collection 285, Box 10, Folder 4
April 2005: A Cartoonist in Africa
Claudon and Gladys Stauffacher
from Collection 81, Box 23, Folder 16
May 2005: Slinging Mud and Laying Bricks
Austin and Elizabeth Paul , Africa Inland Mission
from Collection 330, Box 71, Folder 3
June 2005: Around the World in 1905
William Borden
from Collection 330, Scrapbook VI, number 24
July 2005: Fresh Air Camps
Moody Church, Chicago
August 2005: Go Where the People Are
BGEA Crusade Advertising
September 2005: Go Forward, Bearing Precious Seed
John Stam, Moody Bible Institute
October 2005: "God's finger touched him" - The death of R. A. Torrey as portrayed in his diary and that of his wife
November 2005: Eighty Years Ago - The Dedication of Moody Church
December 2005: Bringing a First Christmas
Eileen O'Rourke, China Inland Mission
January 2006: I said "yes" to God on the missionary challenge...
Nathanael "Nate" Saint, Christian Airmen's Missionary Fellowship (later renamed Mission Aviation Fellowship)
February 2006: Youth for Christ in Europe, 1946
Billy Graham, Torrey Johnson, J Stratton Shufelt, Charles Templeton
March 2006: First Steps in Berlin
April 2006: "I believe we can see revival today..."
Billy Graham, Moody Bible Institute Founders Week Conference, 1951
May 2006: "What Does It Mean To Believe"
Oswald J. Smith
June 2006: I Read It in the News
BGEA Greater London Crusade, 1954
July 2006: Washington Street Mission
Springfield, Illinois
August 2006: Rift Valley Academy
Africa Inland Mission, Kijabe, Kenya, Theodore roosevelt
September 2006: From Darkness to Light
Chinese Poster
October 2006: Songs in the Night
Torrey Johnson, Billy Graham, Western Springs Baptist Church
November 2006: "The Holy Spirit Gives Power"
1974 International Congress on World Evangelization, Corrie Ten Boom, Bishop Festo Kivengere
The December 2006 Bulletin Board was a repeat of December 2002
January 2007: More ought to be done
Florence Minch Stauffacher, Africa Inland Mission
February 2007: Female Pilot Gets Missionary Aviation Off the Ground
Elizabeth "Betty" Greene, Mission Aviation Fellowship
March 2007: Palermo Brothers to Italy
Louis and Phil Palermo, Youth for Christ
April 2007: Comic Book Evangelism
Cliff Barrows giving a dramatic presentation of the story of Naaman
May 2007: Into the World, Into the Streets
Latin America Mission, National Youth Congress, Evangelism-in-Depth campaign in Santa Cruz, Bolivia,
June 2007: Faces from the Past
Woman's Union Missionary Society
July 2007: Creating Christian Traditions in India
Christian Home Committee of the National Christian Council of India
August 2007: Lausanne on the Move
International Congress on World Evangelization (Lausanne Congress)
September 2007: "The Lord surely has led me in everything when I was willing to let Him"
Africa Inland Mission, Elizabeth Stevenson

October 2007:"Needing nothing but to know that God was there" The Ministry of Isobel Kuhn
Isobel Kuhn, Lisu people, China Inland Mission

November 2007: On the Wings of a Prayer Letter
Mission Aviation Fellowship, Nate Saint, Marj Saint Van der Puy

December 2007: Christmas Greetings by Post Card
Lois V. Gregory

January 2008: Homer Rodeheaver on Billy Sunday

February 2008: Presidential Campaigns Over a Century Ago
William Jennings Bryan, Presidential elections

March 2008: These Witnesses for Our Saviour
Dr. Elizabeth Reifsnyder, Woman's Union Missionary Society, Margaret Williams Hospital (Shanghai, China)

April 2008: Postcard Evangelism, Part I : Humor
Postcards, Carrie Nation, Sunday School

May 2008: Hanging on Our Walls, Part 1 -- In the Reading Room
Posters, Billy Graham, China, Youth For Christ

June 2008: Our greatest desire...
Sarah Belle Sherwood Hawkes, Iran
July 2008: Postcard Evangelism, Part II : Hymns
Hymns, Evangelistic Music, Postcards
August 2008: Postcard Evangelism, Part III : Message Cards
Evangelism, Titanic, Postcards
From Photo File: American Sunday School Union
September 2008: I felt a distinct "Call" to do definite Christian work
Robert William Roberts, American Sunday School Union
October 2008: Postcard Evangelism, Part IV : The Lord's Prayer
November 2008: Off the Archival Wall, Part 2 -- In the Archival Seminar Room
Posters, Evangelism, China, Woman's Union Missionary Society (WUMS), Moody Church, Paul Rader, Oswald J. Smith, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Urbana Student Missionary Conferences, Africa Inland Church, Christian & Missionary Alliance, parables, women in missionary work, Disciples of Christ, Africa Inland Mission, Youth for Christ, Billy Graham, BGEA crusades, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
December 2008: Merry Christmas!
From Collection 318, Box 2, Folder 8

January 2009: Glimpses of a Mission Hospital in the Interior of China
Dr. L. Nelson Bell, Tsingkiangpu General Hospital

February 2009: At Home in Shanghai
China Inland Mission, Overseas Missionary Fellowship, CIM headquarters, Shanghai

March 2009: Moody Scrapbook of Urban Ministry
Moody Church, Paul Rader, Chicago, Urban Ministry
April 2009: Three Siblings in Africa
Elizabeth "Betty" Pierson McKenrick, Flora Pierson Kemptner, R. Floyd Pierson, Africa Inland Mission

May 2009: Remembering the Great Depression - Part I. Contemporary Voices
E. J. Pace, J. Herbert Kane, Winnifred Kane, H. Wellington Stough, Berea Feiner

June 2009: Notes Among the Words
Cliff Barrows, Gospel Music, songbooks
July 2009: Remembering the Great Depression - Part II. Looking Back
Marguerite Goodner Owen, Vernon Patterson, William Drury, Ray Schulenberg, Charles Springer

August 2009: The 1959 Southern Cross Crusades
Billy Graham, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji

September 2009: "Something's Happening" Reports on a Revival in Los Angeles
Billy Graham, Los Angeles
October 2009: Ready for Takeoff
Billy Graham, Youth for Christ, Torrey Johnson, J. Stratton Shufelt, Charles Templeton
November 2009: Marriage on the Mission Field
China Inland Mission, Cyril Faulkner, Frances Gray
December 2009: Christmas Greetings from 1897
Moody Church, Mark Guy Pearse, Christmas
January 2010: ""To Brother Virgil and and All the Saints in Williams": The Letters of Jim and Betty Elliot
Missions to Ecuador. Jim Elliot, Betty Elliot

February 2010: Evangelist, Author and Politician
Milan Bertrand Williams

March 2010: Billy Graham's 1st TV Broadcast
Billy Graham, Hour of Decision television broadcast, Cliff Barrows, George Beverly Shea, dramatic sketch of Bible story about healing of Naaman, Television in religion
April 2010: The Travels of Corrie Ten Boom
May 2010: Success in Soul Winning
Reuben Archer Torrey, Sr.

June 2010: Billy Graham and the Village Church
Billy Graham, Songs in the Night, Village Church

July 2010: The Paper Trail of a Missionary Life
Elwood and Betty Davis, Africa Inland Mission, Kenya

August 2010: I Can Breathe that Holy Name in Prayer Life
William Howard Doane

September 2010: In Class With Donald McGavran
Donald McGavran, church growth, video

October 2010: What Christians Believe
Campus Crusade for Christ International, Bill Bright, George W. Cowan (of Wycliffe Bible translators), Billy Graham, Richard Halverson, Everett Harrison, F. J. Huegal, J. Edwin Orr, Eugenia Price, Bernard Ramm, Oswald J. Smith, Wilbur M. Smith, Robert Thieme, Ian Thomas

November 2010: Lausanne II - 1989
Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, Manila Manifesto, Tokunboh Adeyemo, Eva Burrows, Luis Bush, Michael Cassidy, Os Guinness, Edna Lee de Gutierrez, Peter Kuzmic, Jong-Yun Lee, J. I. Packer, Joni Eareckson Tada

December 2010: Postcard Christmas Offering - "Zalig Kerstfeest ~ Zalig Nieuwjaar"
Christmas, African missions, Nativity of Jesus Christ, Dutch postcards

January 2011: All that is required of us is that we be found faithful
Robert William Hockman, Ethiopia

February 2011: Creating new Gospel songs in Maasai tunes, to tell others about Jesus the Maasai way - The Missionary Funeral of James Bisset
Africa Inland Mission, Maasai people, Kenya, Africa Inland Church

March 2011: A Crusade in Cartoons
Billy Graham, 1950 Boston crusade, 1950 New England tour, Hudson T. Armerding, Cliff Barrows, Grady Wilson, F. Carlton Booth, Allan Emery
April 2011: To sinners Jesus says: "Come," but to His children He said: "Go"
Corrie ten Boom

May 2011: "A Child sits of the Dragon throne and quarreling women rule the weak men in the palace" A View of China 100 Years Ago
Missions--China, China--History, Walter Elliott

June 2011: A Chapter of the Story Told in Three Maps: AIM in East Africa
Missions--Africa, Missions--Africa, East, Africa Inland Mission, AIM, Maps

July 2011: A hunger in my heart to lead a different life
Martha Pohnert, Ebenezer Mission, Missions--China

August 2011: Talking Pictures
Phonograph records, Billy Graham George Beverly Shea, 1952 Washington Crusade, 1955 All-Scotland Crusade, 1955 Toronto Crusade, 1957 New York City Crusade, Christmas

September 2011: Listening in to Tom Skinner at Atlanta '88
Tom Skinner, Black Evangelicals, African American Evangelicals, the Black Church, evangelism in the Black community, evangelism by Black Christians

October 2011: Kathryn Kuhlman in Her Own Words
Kathryn Kuhlman, women in evangelism, healing,Charismatic Christianity
November 2011: Marriages at The Moody Church

December 2011: Postcard Christmas Offering -- Arrival of the Magi
Christmas, Nativity of Jesus Christ

January 2012: From the Old Year to the New, All must go
John and Isobel Kuhn, China Inland Mission, Lisu people

February 2012: Sixty Years Ago - Revival in Washington!
Billy Graham, Walter H. Judd, Hour of Decision televsion, Washington
March 2012: "Leave a Lasting Impression": GI Gospel Hour in the Philippines
GI Gospel Hour, Missions--Philippines, Far Eastern Gospel Crusade, Far Eastern Bible Institute and Seminary, FEBIAS, Jack Frizen
April 2012: Postcards of Christ's Passion
May 2012: Crusade in Wheaton!
1959 Billy Graham Wheaton Crusade, Wheaton College, Evan Welsh
June 2012: The Joke is in the Mail - Humorous Religious Postcards
Temperance and Prohibition; Sunday School, Salvation Army, Christian Endeavour
July 2012: Standing Tall With the Pygmies: Margaret Clapper in Zaire
Pygmy peoples, Africa Inland Mission, Missions--Congo, Missions--Africa
August 2012: A New Arrival - "To Us It Meant Everything in Life"
Elisabeth Elliot, Jim Elliot Rachel Saint, the Waorani people of Ecuador
September 2012: From the Postcard Collection - Raising the Tabernacle

October 2012: The Beginning of Billy Graham: Grand Rapids as the Site for His First City-wide Campaign
Billy Graham, Youth for Christ, Grand Rapids

PF: Thompson, Nels

November 2012: The Word on Wheels
Nels Thompson, Ken Reese

December 2012: Christmas in Korea - 1952
Billy Graham, Bob Pierce, Grady Wilson, Korean Conflict, Missions--Korea

January 2013: You're a Member Now! Joining the World Wide Christian Couriers
Paul Rader, Chicago Gospel Tabernacle, World Wide Christian Couriers

February 2013: George Beverly Shea and Club Time
Herbert J. Taylor, Christian Workers Foundation, Hymns
March 2013: The Story of a Nail
World Vision, Hubert Mitchell, Bob Pierce, Sumatra, Story telling
April 2013: Alleluia! The Lord is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! - An Easter Postcard Offering
May 2013: "The man lives so close to the Lord, that when he opens his mouth, honey drops out": Memories of B. M. Nottage
The Nottage Brothers, Plymouth Brethren
June 2013: "Notes of My Voyage ": Ephemera of the London Missionary Society Convention, 1850

July 2013: A Rapids Return
Billy Graham, George Beverly Shea, Youth for Christ, Grand Rapids

August 2013: Back to LA: Billy Graham's 1963 Southern California Crusade
Billy Graham, BGEA, 1963 Southern California Crusade

September 2013: Billy Graham's FBI Scrapbook, 1938-1940
Billy Graham, Florida Bible Institute

October 2013: Hitting the Beach - InterVarsity's Spring Break Evangelism
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, IVCF, Student evangelism, Evangelistic work, Paul Little

November 2013: Billy Graham A Life in Strips
Billy Graham, Comic strips, London 1966, Hong Kong 1975

December 2013: Merry Christmas
Sermons of Billy Graham

January 2014: Caught at the Border - Roger Malstead & George Verwer in 1961
Roger Malstead, George Verwer, Evangelistic work-Russia, Operation Mobilization

February 2014: "Can Two Travel Together...?" Billy Graham and Martin Luther King Jr.
Civil rights movement, 1957 New York City Crusade, 1962 Chicago Crusade

March 2014: "How Shall We Teach Missions?"
Latin America Mission, Sunday Schools, Mission education

April 2014: Before...and After
Home for the Nazarene, China missions, Orphans, China, Missions to orphans, Orphanages

May 2014: Home Movies from the 1940s: Japan and Wheaton
GI Gospel Hour, Missions to Japan, SEND International, Wheaton College

June 2014: Percy Crawford and the Young People's Church of the Air
Percy Crawford, Billy Graham, Cliff Barrows, Pinebrook, Radio

July 2014: Signing the Covenant
Lausanne Congress, Lausanne Covenant, Billy Graham, Arthur Jack Dain, John Stott

August 2014: "To Show Kindness to Israel"
The Blackstone Memorial

William Blackstone, Israel, Zionism, Chicago Hebrew Mission

September 2014: Ethel Waters' Gospel
Ethel Waters, Gospel music, Billy Graham crusades, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

October 2014: Missionaries as Photographers
Intercultural missions, Elisabeth Elliot, Victor Plymire, Africa Inland Mission,
Paul Austin

November 2014: "Just 3 1/2 Minutes" - Gospel Recordings
Gospel Recordings, Global Recoridngs Network, Joy Ridderhof

December 2014: Christmas Greeting from 1944
Homer Rodeheaver

January 2015: Archival Film Festival - The Songs of Fanny Crosby
Evangelical films, Fanny Crosby, George Beverly Shea, Baptista Films, Gospel music

February 2015: Archival Film Festival - Congress on Evangelizing Black America
Evangelical films, Atlanta '88, Tokunboh Adeyemo, African Americans


March 2015: Archival Film Festival - The Gospel and the Devil Dance - Religous Life at Kumbum Monastery
Assemblies of God missionaries, Buddhist monks, religious ceremonies, Tibetan culture

April 2015: Archival Film Festival - Home Movies of Congo Missions in the 1930s and 40s
Africa Inland Church, Africa Inland Mission, Belgian Congo, Paul Pinney Stough

May 2015: Archival Film Festival - Donald McGavran's last lecture to his Advanced Church Growth Class, 1979
Donald McGavran, church growth, missiology, evangelization, video


June 2015: Archival Film Festival - Finding Hope for China
China Inland Mission, Overseas Missionary Fellowship, evangelism, Chinese culture and religion.


July 2015: Archival Film Festival - Billy Graham in Africa, 1960
Billy Graham, African church

August 2015: Archival Film Festival - Five Minutes to Live
Oswald Smith, William Bell Riley, Walter Wilson, H.A. Ironside, Bob Jones, Jr., evangelistic sermons, evangelism, video


September 2015: Archival Film Festival - Billy Graham Comes to Harringay, 1954
Greater London Evangelistic Crusade, Billy Graham, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans

October 2015: Archival Film Festival - Canadian Crusade - "Not the end but the beginning"
Toronto Crusade, Billy Graham, Canada, Evangelistic work, Evangelistic sermons

November 2015: Archival Film Festival - Youth for Christ D.C. '88 Promotional Video

December 2015: Archival Film Festival - An Hour of Decision Christmas, 1952
Christmas, Hour of Decision Televsion

January 2016: Conquering Jungle Barriers
Nate Saint, Marj Saint, Mission Aviation

February 2016: All Aboard for Railroad Evangelism!
The Railroad Evangelistic Society


March 2016: On the Ground in Havana — J. Elwin Wright's Report on Exploring Cuba
National Association of Evangelicals, World Evangelical Fellowship, Clyde Taylor, Oswald J. Smith

April 2016: Two Faces of the Gospel - Victor Plymire's Tibetan Tracts
Victor Plymire, Tracts, Tibet

May 2016: Remember the Other Elliots
Bert and Colleen Elliot, Evangelistic work in Peru, Jim and Elisabeth Elliot


June 2016: "One Thousand Tribes Untouched": Elvira Malmstrom Townsend and the Founding of Wycliffe Bible Translators
Elvira Townsend, W. Cameron Townsend, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Summer Institute of Linquistics, Moody Church, H. A. Ironside, Bible translation

July 2016: "We felt God has something else in mind"—Ed McCully's Journal
Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Peter Fleming, Roger Youderian, Marilou McCully, Missions--Ecuador, Waorani, Huaorani, Auca Incident, Plymouth Brethren
August 2016: Through Shining Archway: Missionary Casaulties in the South Pacific
American Baptist Foreign Mission Society, World War II, Medical Missions

September 2016: Image of a Mission Station
Africa Inland Mission, Kijabe, Kenya

October 2016: Seeing the Human Heart Through Chinese Poster Evangelism
November 2016: "Don't Look as if Your Religion Hurt You" -- Billy Sunday in McClure's Magazine, May 1915
Billy Sunday; McClure's Magazine; Revivalism
December 2016: Plans for African Theological Education.
Scott Theological College, Africa Inland Mission, Kenya
January 2017: Archival Mysteries - Jack Cardiff, the Boxer Evangelist
Billy Sunday, Moody Church
February 2017: 64 Degrees Below Zero - Arctic Evangelism in British Columbia
Moberly Lake Indian Mission; Evangelism in Canada
March 2017: At the Corner of Lake Shore Drive and Chicago Avenue
Billy Sunday, Chicago (Illinois), Evangelistic work--United States, Revivalism, Photography
April 2017: Autographs as Artifacts: Edna Asher Case's Autograph Album
Edna Asher Case, Billy Sunday, Virginia Healey Asher, Chicago

May 2017: "Don't Leave New York Without Visiting the Crusade"
The 1957 Billy Graham New York City Campaign

June 2017: When Urbana Was In Toronto
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, IVCF, Canada, College students in missionary work, Urbana Student Missionary Convention, Arthur F. Holmes, David M. Howard, Missionaries--Appointment, call and election

July 2017: The Cartoons of E.J. Pace
E.J. Pace, The Sunday School Times

August 2017: YDI Comes to Hell Gate
Youth Development International, Jim Vaus, Billy Graham

September 2017: Memorial Service for V. Raymond EdmanWheaton College, Billy Graham

October 2017: One Document Tells Many Stories
J. Stratton Shufelt, Jack Van Impe, Voice of Christian Youth, Youth for Christ, Detroit, Evangelistic work

November 2017: ". . . From the Gang to the Gospel"
Tom Skinner, Evangelistic work, Racial reconciliation, Harlem

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