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December 2007: Christmas Greetings by Post Card


From Collection 625, Box 3, Folder 1 

In the early decades of the twentieth century many people sent Christmas greetings by post card to their family and friends. The above card is one of several from Collection 625 - Papers of Lois Vashti Gregory. Gregory was an evangelist and teacher with the Methodist Church. Her ministry not only included preaching to adults but also teaching young people, especially children, in Christian ethics and living a morally pure life. To view other post cards click here.

From Collection 625, Box 3, Folder 1

Dear Lois:

How does this weather suit you. We have about 2 foot of snow. I had a tree for my school children. They enjoyed the tree as they didn’t have one last year.

A Merry Xmas
Edna Brooks


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