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May 2013:

"That man lives so close to the Lord, that when he opens his mouth, honey drops out."
Memories of B. M. Nottage

B. M. Nottage, 1952

May is the month of Mother's Day. Our bulletin board this month includes one mother's story, a woman who, like Monica, the mother of Augustine, was the means of blessing to many.

Clementina Nottage was a devote Christian woman living on the island of Eluthera in the Bahamas in the Caribbean sea. She had 11 children, three of whom became powerful evangelists in the United States: Whitfield, T. B. (Talbot Burton), and B. M. (Berlin Marin). Through their mother's influence, all three brothers accepted Christ in 1904 and were soon active, witnessing Christians on their home island. Clementina barely lived to see her prayers answered, since she died in 1906.

By 1909, in search of work, the three brothers had all moved to Harlem in New York City in the United States. All three eventually became full-time ministers and founded numerous congregations of Plymouth Brethren Assemblies in New York City, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Terre Haute, Muskegon, Birmingham, and Cleveland.

The Nottage brothers had an almost legendary impact, both within the Plymouth Brethren Assemblies and outside. On this page are some oral history reminiscences from the Archives about the ministry and mentoring of the youngest brother, B. M. (1889-1966) The quote at the top of the page comes from the interview, excerpted below, with B. Sam Hart. After many years as a traveling evangelist and church planter, B. M. Nottage moved to Detroit and founded the Bethany Tabernacle, which was the base for his ministry and radio work for the rest of his life. His preaching and in-depth Bible teaching were powerful influences on the nurturing of thousands in the Christian faith.

Excerpt from Tape T1 of Collection 431. Interview of T. Michael Flowers. 2.5 minutes

Excerpt from Tape T3 of Collection 431. Interview of T. Michael Flowers. 2.5 minutes

Excerpt from Tape T3 of Collection 498. Interview of William Pannell. 13 minutes

Excerpts from Tape T2 of Collection 501. Interview with Beverly Yates. 1 minute

Excerpt from Tape T1 of Collection 516. Interview with B. Sam Hart (The B. stands for Berlin. He was named after B. M. Nottage) 5.5 minutes

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