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July 2011: A hunger in my heart to lead a different life

From Collection 632, Box 1, Folder 2

As a teenager Martha C. Pohnert (born 1891) had a desire lead a different kind of life after the Lord caused her to think about eternity. After her conversion she became a missionary with Ebenezer Mission in Honan Province, China. Her life story up to the time she left for China was published in the October-December 1914 issue of the mission newsletter Ebenezer Echoes (see below). Many of her articles appeared periodically in the newsletters reporting on her mission work in the girls’ school. The newsletters are located in the Papers of William Henry Nowack - Collection 632.

From Collection 632, Box 1, Folder 2

Above photograph appeared in the April-June 1917 issue of Ebenezer Echoes. Three of the young girls in the photograph Ruth, Esther, and Helen Nowack later became missionaries with China Inland Mission (now know as Overseas Missionary Fellowship).
From Collection 632, Box 1, Folder 2
For more information about Martha Pohnert see the guides to the Papers of William Henry Nowack - Collection 632 and
Prayer Letter of Martha Pohnert - Small Collection 80

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