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April 2011: To sinners Jesus says: “Come,” but to His children He said: “Go.”

From Photo File: Ten Boom, Corrie, 2 of 2

During World War II Corrie ten Boom and her family had hidden in their home in the Netherlands Jewish refugees from their Nazi persecutors. Later the ten Booms were arrested and sent to concentrations camps where Corrie's sister and father died. After the end of the war Corrie (at the age of 53) began a ministry of speaking at churches, conferences, and other places, telling her story and witnessing for Jesus. During most of 1946 she traveled throughout the United States and Canada speaking to countless groups. For the next three decades she continued to travel and speak throughout the world as A Tramp for the Lord (title of a book she wrote).

The Archives recently add several new materials to the Corrie ten Boom Collection including thirteen letters Corrie wrote to her friends Bob and Bobby Holiday in Canada. In the first letter (see below) written in 1946 she encourages them to Keep your eyes and your ears open to know where the Gospel of Jesus is needed. To sinners Jesus says: “Come,” but to His children He said: “Go.”

For more information about Corrie and her papers see the guide to the Papers of Cornelia Arnolda Johanna “Corrie” ten Boom - Collection 78.

Corrie ten Boom

Handwritten postscript.

Dear Bobby and Bob. When I think of Toronto my thoughts go always to you both. What have you been kind to us [sic]! Your dress, Bobby, is a real blessing. I am sure that I am quite lady like with it. When I spoke for the lady-lawyers I was so glad I had that dress. God bless you both.


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