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This service is intended for Wheaton College students, faculty and staff; people who live in convenient driving range to campus; or people who will be visiting Wheaton's campus. Every month, this Bulletin Board will announce a new document or set of documents that are available for viewing and study in the Archives Reading Room on the 3rd floor of the Graham Center. Come on over and have a look!

November 1997: A Life Time of Evangelism and Song

J. Stratton Shufelt (1910-1987) began playing and leading singing at evangelistic rallies when he was in his teens. From then until his death he never really stopped. After receiving his degree from Wheaton College in 1934, he worked for several years with H. A. Ironside at Moody Church in Chicago. Then he went full-time into evangelistic work. Over the next decades he led music at rallies, conferences, and churches around the world. Among the evangelists he worked with were Billy Graham, Bob Jones Sr., John R. Rice, Torrey Johnson, Stephen Olford, Hyman Appelman, Jack Shuler and Charles Templeton.

His papers (Collection 224) in the BGC Archives contains hundreds of programs from meetings, such as the 1952 program pictured above from box 1, folder 2. The collection also includes photos, newspaper clippings, letters and similar material, documenting not only the growing evangelisitc outreach that started in the 1940s, but also Stratton's education at Wheaton, the Youth for Christ European tour he went on in 1946 with Graham, Johnson and Templeton, and the 1950 Wheaton revival. Come in to learn more about the interesting life of a dedicated man.

Click here to learn more about Stratton Shufelt's life and to view the guide to the his collection (CN 224).

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