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May 2011: "But Alas! A child sits on the Dragon Throne and quarreling women rule the weak men in the palace."
A View of China One Hundred Years Ago

Walter Elliott in 1910 The Elliots with their children, ca. 1926 Walter and Eleanor Elliott in 1926

Walter Scott Elliott (1868-1934) and his wife, Dr. Eleanor Edwards Elliott, spent more than a quarter of a century in China. During most of that time, Walter was colporteur for the American Bible Society, distributing Bibles and Christian literature in the province of Hunan. His letters to his supporters in the United States give one outsider's view of the Celestial Empire at the time (1911) it was about to become the Chinese Republic. His materials from a few years later also give glimpses into the missionary enterprise in the country, including the fierce struggle from liberal and fundamentalist Christians that replicated the struggle going on in the United States.

Excerpt from an Elliot letter written April 3, 1911, about six months before the Wuchang Uprising which would mark the beginning of the end for the Empire
Walter Elliot's letters can be found in the papers of his daughter, Ruth Elliot, a missionary to China and the Philippines. Collection 187

Letters of Walter Elliott

December 1, 1910
April 3, 1911
January 14, 1926
October 2, 1926
Booklet: The Christian Fundamentals Mission for China, April 1927


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