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August 2010: I Can Breathe that Holy Name in Prayer

From Photo File: Doane, William Howard
During the second half of the nineteenth century and first decade of the twentieth century businessman William Howard Doane (1832-1915) was busy composing hundreds of hymn tunes. These tunes were joined with lyrics written by well-known writers creating hymns that continue even to this day encouraged Christians.

The Archives has a small collection of Doane’s papers which consist mostly of correspondence with hymn writers P.P. Bliss, Fanny Crosby, Robert Lowry, and Ira Sankey. These letter mostly deal with the business of the hymn publishing. Included are the texts to hymns by Fanny Crosby (“Can a Little Child Like Me?”) and Robert Lowry (“Only One Name”).

An interesting inspirational letter (see below) from a young Christian shows the effect of Doane’s hymns on his life. For more information about Doane and his materials in the Archives see the guide to Collection 194 - Papers of William Howard Doane.

William Howard Doane  
From Collection 194, Box 1, Folder 3
From Collection 194, Box 1, Folder 2

Image from Philip Phillips stationery

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