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After decades of seeming to withdraw from American popular culture, Protestant Evangelicals energetically returned in the mid-to-late-1940s. This was the beginning of a new generation of Evangelicals who were vigorous actors in American society, not only in religious terms but also in social and political spheres. One event, especially, can be considered the starting point of that return: The mammoth rally held by the Chicagoland Youth for Christ organization that brought tens of thousands to Chicago’s Soldier Field on May 30, 1945. The unique event, which attracted national media attention, not only honored those serving in the world war overseas, but also announced YFC’s commitment to proclaim the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ.

This Internet exhibit, using original documents in the Billy Graham Center Archives, tells the story of this event that heralded a new phase of American Evangelicalism. Throughout the exhibit, individuals' names that are underlined as a link usually connect to the People page with additional background information about them.

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