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How to Donate Documents to the Archives

We collect documents on one small part of the church's story: the efforts of nondenominational North American Protestant Evangelicals to spread the Christian gospel. Our collecting policy explains our interests in more detail.

Please note that the BGC Archives collects materials of nondenominational organizations and individuals whose ministry was largely or entirely nondenoninational. We recommend that organizations and individuals with denominational ministries first consider their denominational archives as the repository for their materials. If a donor does not know where his or her denominational archives is located, the BGC Archives would be happy to help find it.

Documents given from an individual to the BGC Archives can include letters, diaries, reports, photos, films, videos, scrapbooks, maps, posters, and much more. Documents from an organization can include correspondence, statistics, financial records, board or trustee files, etc.

When materials are given to the Archives, the donor and the Archives sign a certificate of gift which transfers material to the BGC. This certificate also includes any restrictions that the Archives and donor have agreed on. For example, the certificate might say that certain files are closed to use for a certain number of years.

Material donated to the Archives is kept in a special and secure storage area, described in guides similar to ones we have on our web site, and made available to researchers in the Archives Reading Room. Researchers come from all over the world to use our collections. They include Christian workers, scholars, and the general public. All are welcome.

If you have material (from your organization or from a relative or from yourself) which you think might be appropriate for the BGC Archives, please contact us. We would love to talk to you.

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