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It has been almost twenty years since the Archives staff produced an earlier version of Jazz Age Evangelism -- the exhibit was housed in exhibit cases in 1984. The Internet is probably a medium Paul Rader would have explored had it been available to him, so this online exhibit is a fitting tribute not only to his contribution to the church and evangelism, but to his ingenuity and resourcefulness.

The Archives staff (left to right: Wayne, Bob, Christian, and Paul with a cutout figure of Paul Rader)

The staff particularly want to acknowledge their reliance on Larry Eskridge's 1985 master's thesis, "Only Believe: Paul Rader and the Chicago Gospel Tabernacle, 1922-1933." This excellent history was a resource and a guide to us from start to finish, although, of course, Mr. Eskridge bears no responsibility for any opinions expressed in this exhibit. It is our hope that some day the thesis will be published, so that it can be more widely available.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Paul Butler, David Dunlop and the Merrill Dunlop estate, which made available for the exhibit the audio excerpts for the Tabernacles broadcasts. Read Burgen did the audio restorations that made it possible to use the recordings.

We would also like to thank the individuals who have generously donated the materials about the Chicago Gospel Tabernacle and Paul Rader materials or who have been willing to be interviewed. They include:
  • John Bauerlein
  • William Bickett
  • Lloyd Cory
  • William Dillon
  • Merrill Dunlop
  • Larry Eskridge
  • Harriet Rader Kisler
  • Frank Longino
  • Pauline Rader Noll
  • Walter Osborn
  • Paul M. Rader
  • Art Rorheim
  • Ray Schulenberg
  • Paul Smith
  • Perry Straw
  • Grace Van Deraa
  • Andrew Wyzenbeek

Finally, our colleague David Malone of the Wheaton College Archives and Special Collections was often of invaluable and kind assistance as we tried to turn physical items into digitized documents for you to view.

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