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People Rader influenced

Paul Rader, especially during the years of the CGT, was the means of leading many people to go into Christian work.

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One of the most striking aspects of Rader's ministry was the number of later Christian leaders who claimed him as an influence. Among these were:

Peter Deyneka Sr. - Disciple of Paul Rader's, first at Moody Church and then at the Tabernacle. His evangelistic work in eastern Europe was supported by the Tabernacle. Later he founded the Slavic Gospel Association

Merrill Dunlop Musician and youth leader at the Tabernacle, later had a long ministry as hymn writer, musician, evangelist

Howard Ferrin (no picture available) Staff member at the Tabernacle, later founder of Providence Bible Institute

Paul Fleming (no picture available) Assistant to Rader at the Fort Wayne tabernacle, later founder of New Tribes Missions

Charles Fuller Convert during Rader meetings in Los Angeles in the 1910s, greatly influenced by Rader's radio work and later the country's best known radio evangelist and the founder of Fuller Theological Seminary

Torrey Johnson Attended the Tabernacle when a young man, later the first president of Youth for Christ and an evangelist and Bible teacher

Clarence Jones Musician and youth leader at the Tabernacle, later the founder of the very influential missionary radio station HCJB in Quito, Ecuador

Lance Latham Musician and youth leader at the Tabernacle, later the founder of the AWANA Clubs movement for children

Henrietta Mears Bible teacher and publisher who was an important influence on many. Her view of service and evangelism was deeply influenced by a series of sermons she heard Rader preach in Minneapolis when she was a young woman

Oswald J. Smith Evangelist, hymn writer, recruiter of missionaries, founder of the People's Church of Toronto. He worked closely with Rader during the CGT years and in charge of the Tabernacle's work in Canada.

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from Photo File: Dyneka, Sr., Peter from Photo File: Dunlop, Merril from Photo File: Fuller, Charles from Photo File: Johnson, Torrey from Photo File: Jones, Clarence from Photo File: Latham, Lance
Deyneka, Sr.
Johnson, Sr.
from Collection 506, Box 22, Folder 29 from Photo File: Smith, Oswald from Collection 446, audio tape T2 from Photo File: Wyrtzen, Jack from Collection 410, audio tape T1  
Jack Wyrtzen
Art Rorheim
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