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From the very beginning of the Tabernacle and even before, Rader pioneered the use of radio as an evangelistic tool. Read more

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Cover illustration from the September 1931 issue of World-Wide Christian Courier.
The picture shows the importance the Tabernacle staff placed on their radio ministry.
click to see enlargement, from Accession 01-21, Box 5
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from Accession 01-21, Box 5 from Collection 38, Box 1, Folder 3 from Accession 97-59 from Accession 97-59 from Collection 349, Box 6, Folder 6 from Collection 38, audio tape T4
Magazine illustration
Broadcast souvenir
Broadcast schedule
Supporters certificate
Clarence Jones letter
Virginia Latham
from Photo File: Rader, Daniel Paul link to Tab audios page        
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Radio sermons
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