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Githumu Letter
To read the following as a full-text transcript of the notes, please click here. The original letter sent by the various Githumu bodies is from box 12, folder 38 in Collection 81, the Records of Africa Inland Mission.

from Collection 81, box 12, folder 38 from Collection 81, box 12, folder 38 from Collection 81, box 12, folder 38

The original letter was handwritten. A typed transcript, also included in the AIM file, was prepared for review by various AIM staff. The typescript is not an exact copy, deviating in spelling, punctuation, and even adds a full sentence. The transcribed text of the original letter is available by clicking here. Any comments by the archivist in the transcript are in brackets [ ]. Because of software limitations, the layout is not exactly the same as in the original document, nor does it reproduce the underlining in the original.

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