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Githumu Letter - Text Only

Africa Inland Mission
P.O. Box 41
25th Nov. 1947.

The Field Director
AIM P.O. Box 1045

a. The District Church Council Githumu,
b. Church Council Githumu,
c. District School Committee Githumu,
d. All members of the Church Githumu,
Are thankful to the A.I.M. for the long period of more than 40 years under your leadership in Church and Educational matters, all though [sic] your leadership has been failure in many cases.

Moreover, you have told us very often in our meetings in which we have been together with you, that you were not sent by your home Council for African education, but for the Gospel only; and that you need not bother much about the African progress, beside the Gospel. Further more, that if home Council realizes that you are teaching the African education they may call you back home.

Because of these things you have already told us, when we compare your work with the other missions in Kenya, we quite agree that you did not come here [for] the African progress.

If we take as an example the African Christianity under the A.I.M. has diclined [sic]a great deal, and only a few members of the Church are left, as "Leadership is everything". On the Educational side the schools, under this Mission seems to us to be the poorest in the Colony.

For example, very many schools have been opened and after a short time lost, through lack of teachers and Supervision. After all these years we have been with you, we have thought and understood that we shall never get anywhere under this mission leadership. We Agikuyu have [a] saying equivalent to the English saying that, "Leadership is everything."

Now, the Church members of Githumu District ask you very anxiously to leave Githumu District for good.

We have considered deeply about all these matters for a long time, and have made up our minds not [to] work with you any longer.

We are:
1. Elijah Mbatia
2. Nahashon Gathuku
3. Jaranbi Kingiau
4. Itou
5. Joshua Mucai
6. Mikah Cege
7. Joseph Guku

1. Daudi Kagucia
2. Naphtali Mwangi
3. Andrew Waitiitu
4. Ben Kamau
5. Chalrse Cege
6. Hasoni Macaria
7. Benson Kamau

1. Francis Kimenyi
2. Rkaroka Manjiru
3. Jared K. Kairu
4. Jotham M. Kiguiu
5. Onesimus Waithanda
6. Samson Njuguna

1. Ephantus Mugoi
2. Jason Mungi
3. Samson Munyi
4. Nikola Kariuki
5. Chalers Cege

Copies to:
The District Commissioner, Fort Hall.
K. L. Downing, AIM Kijabe.
E. W. Mathu, CSM, Kikuyu, P.O.Kikuyu.

Senior Ed. Officer, P.O. Box 11, Nyeri.
Dr. Blakslie, P.O. Box 41, Thika.

Home Council,
Africa Inland Mission,
373 Carlton Ave.,
Brooklyn, N. York

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