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Elisabeth Elliot Letter, October 13-28, 1958 - Page 1

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On November 2, 1958, just five days after this letter was finished, Marj Saint read portions of it and other letters by Elisabeth Elliot on the radio program Back Home Hour over radio station HCJB in Quito Ecuador. The portions from this letter and other letters were mixed together in an order different from the originals

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Page 3

Note on back of page 3

Letter from Elisabeth Elliot to Marj Saint and Marilou McCully. In it she describes her initial experiences in the Waorani village where she had gone to live, along with her young daughter Valerie, Rachel Saint, and the young Waorani woman Dayuma. They were there to bear witness among to the Christian Gospel, about two and a half years after Elisabeth's husband Jim and Rachel's brother Nate had been murdered by Waorani of this village. It was also Dayuma's home village. For more information on the s0-called "Auca Incident," click here.

There of two blank labels stuck to the top of the page. Underneath is written a note that reads, ‘Mrs. Short says to send this to you. She does not want it back. You can let others read it.’” Maria Short was a Brethren missionary in Ecuador at the time.

This letter is in Folder 2 of Box 1 of Collection 278.


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