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November 2014: "Just 3 1/2 Minutes" - Gospel Recordings


Global Recordings Network (originally called Spanish Gospel Recordings and then Gospel Recordings) was started in 1938 by Joy Ridderhof, an American missionary to Honduras. Her idea was to use the modern technology of the time to record brief Gospel messages in the different languages and dialects of the world. Indigenous speakers of a language would read a brief passage from Scripture, give an evangelistic message, and play some local Christian hymns. The recordings were first pressed under the Buena Nuevas ("Good News" in Spanish) label, then under the Gospel Recording label. They proved to be tools of continuing value for evangelists and missionaries all over the world, especially since GR also used first phonograph players and then cassette tape players that did not need electricity or batteries to play the recordings. This allowed them to be used in very remote parts of the world. Now in 2014, GRN uses the internet and other means to make evangelistic programs available in over 6,000 languages.

On this page are three of the early, simple pamphlets (ca. late 1940s) that were used to describe the work and the impact of the Gospel messages on phonograph disks. Click on each of the two images above and below to read the entire document it came from. These materials are part of Collection 36 in the BGC Archives




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