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April 2003:
A Picture and a Thousand Words: Village Evangelism in Taiwan

from Photo Album OC International I


Photo of William Lee, a national missionary in Taiwan preaching with a microphone and pull-down evangelistic posters off the back end of a truck. Ca. 1954. You can also see enlargements of posters similar to the one depicted here that were used by missionaries in China.  

With the expulsion of missionaries from mainland China by the Communists in late-1950, Dick Hillis and others relocated to Taiwan to begin work among Chinese there. In 1951 Dick Hillis accepted the request from Madam Chiang Kai-Shek for men to preach to Chiang Kai-Shek's Nationalist Army soldiers in Taiwan and then to requests from Taiwanese churches that the visiting teams remain to help in training lay people and church personnel. These were the mission's first steps as Formosa Crusades was launched, and from the very beginning the mission emphasized using nationals as missionaries and evangelists like Lee, depicted above. The group went from being known as Formosa Crusades to Formosa Gospel Crusades, then Orient Crusades, Overseas Crusades, OC Ministries and currently OC International (notice the transition from a national to regional to international flavor reflected in the organizational name), and placed workers throughout Asia, in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australia. Over fifty years later, the mission's emphasis on church growth, national leadership development, and team ministry continued as "the mission of OC International is to assist the Body of Christ to make disciples of all peoples."

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