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March 2001: "I Send You To Reap" - The Opening OF The Chicago Gospel Tabernacle


Detail from a panoramic photo printed in the first issue of the Chicago Gospel Tabernacle's newsletter, The Sickle. The phot shows Rader at the pulpit, with the ushers standing below and the choir and brass band in back of him.

For about a decade, starting in 1922, one of the most vibrant centers of evangelism in Chicago was the Chicago Gosepel Tabernacle. The founder of the Tabernacle was Paul Rader, a man who delighted in finding new ways to present the Gospel. The stroy of the Tabernacle is well documented in the Archives in a variety of collections, including the records of the Tabernacle (Collection 133) and materials by and about Rader (Collection 38).

The Archives also has many interviews with people in which they describe the impact of the Tabernacle's ministry on their lives. Click to read the sermon Rader printed in the first issue of the Tabernacle's newsletter, "I sent you to reap." Click for other articles and pictures from the first newsletter.

The first issue of The Sickle is undated, but is probably from the latter part of June, 1922. The Archives' copy is in Collection 38, Oversize Drawer 10).

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