a billy graham center archives exhibit
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The heart of the exhibit is comprised of posters from the Billy Graham Center Archives and Museum, including the following Archives collections:

...and the following Museum accessions:

    79.3, 82.2183, 83.832, 84.1800a, 85.153, 85.357, and 91.364

These thirty-nine posters represent only a tiny portion of the materials in the collections of the Archives and Museum, and even more so the evangelistic fervor that these posters represent. The Archives staff hope this exhibit offers a varied look at the means used to attract people to the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also hope that the exhibit instructs and entertains, and that it is a means of God's grace to those who visit it.
This exhibit was a production of the BGC Archives. The text for the narrative and captions was written by Bob Shuster, who also selected the items and coordinated the pre-testing. Due to their size, the posters were scanned in sections -- various Archives staff, primarily Noel Collins and student assistant Timothy Gulsvig assisted with this; Paul Ericksen then reconstructed the digital versions of the posters. The exhibit design and Web construction were also done by Paul.
Bob (left) and Paul (right) with the stars of the show. Thirty-three of the thirty-nine posters in the exhibit appear in the photo above. Can you identify the missing six posters?
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