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The Archives staff would like to thank the many people who generously gave necessary permission, assistance, advice, or encouragement for the creation of this exhibit. None of these folks, of course, bear any responsibility for opinions expressed in the exhibit.
Among these are...
  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
  • Benjamin Ekman
  • Annamarie Erickson
  • David Haidle
  • Joseph Haldorf
  • Adrienne Kolb
  • Roy Oksnevad
  • David Osielski
  • Adam Para
  • Chrys Rudnik
  • Steven Scholle of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
  • Marsha Sherill of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Assocation
  • Lisa Solik
  • Chris Truty
  • Heidi Truty
  • John Zwicky

Finally, thank you to those listed below who pre-tested the exhibit in its formative stages, giving helpful suggestions, finding the bugs, and giving us real experience with those exploring the exhibit.

  • Kurt Bullis
  • Jeff Glazier
  • Marilyn Hess
  • Carol Hoelter
  • Kevin Mungons
  • Paul Mungons
  • Seth Mungons
  • Greg Pfeifer
  • B. J. Slinger

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