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This service is intended for Wheaton College students, faculty and staff; people who live in convenient driving range to campus; or people who will be visiting Wheaton's campus. Every month, this Bulletin Board will highlight a new document or set of documents that are available in the Archives. Come on over and have a look!

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May 1999: Mel Trotter

1908 newspaper clipping from about one of Trotter's evangelistic campaigns in Los Angeles. Collection 47, Box 3, Folder 1.

In January 1897, Melvin Earnest Trotter, a ne'er do well barber who was in the midst of a series of drunken episodes, wandered into the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. The superintendent there, Harry Monroe, talk to him about Christ and that night Trotter was born again. Within 36 months he was starting a rescue mission himself in Grand Rapids, Mischigan, the first of dozens he would found around the country. For a generation he was the leader of city mission work in the United states and the teacher of a generation of workers. In Collection 47, the Archives has letters, reports, newspaper clippings, audio tapes and many other documents that tell the story of his amazing life.

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