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A Multitude of Ministries - Evangelism in the United States in 30s and 40s


Ca. 1939. From Collection 20, Box 12, Folder 18. Click on the image to see the entire poster.

Herbert J. Taylor (1893-1978) was a successful businessman in Chicago. He was also an active Christian layman who was involved in dozens of evangelistic outreach programs, from radio broadcasts to soup kitchens, with a speciual emphais on work with children. Besides the programs he personally worked in and supported, he was in correspondence with many, many more (Such as the ministry of evangelist John R. Rice, illustrated by the poster above.) His correspondence in Collection 20 is a reflection of the fervent activity going on among fundamentalists and evangelicals of the time, a time when the groundwork was laid for the national resurgence of evangelism in the second half of the century.

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