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April 2016: Two Faces of the Gospel - Victor Plymire's Tibetan Tracts

A single hand drawn, hand lettered tract, showing two ways of experiencing life, the one on the left without Jesus Christ, the one on the right with Him. No date. This was one of several pictorial presentations of the Gospel used by Victor Plymire

Victor Plymire lived among the Tibetan people as a missionary as a missionary for more than three decades. from 1908 through 1945. Much of his time was spent traveling with the trade caravans that crisscrossed the country, presenting the Christian gospel in various ways to the merchants and to the people in the towns and other communities the caravan visited. He was talent photographer who developed his own photos of Tibetan life and culture and also took many home movies of scenes in cities, lamaseries and and in the country's mountains and plains. The photos and films he used to explain his work to his supporters in the United States when he traveled home. He also had (it is not clear whether he made them himself or got them from another source) many large tracts or handbills which described the Christian life in word and picture. Three samples of these are on this page. Each is hand drawn and letters and about 12" x 25"

For some of Plymire's photos, click here or here

To see one of his home movies of Tibet, click here

Click here to go to the guide to Collection 341, the Papers of Victor Plymire.

Tract on the left shows the various sins that inhabit the human heart, tract on the right lists the fruits of the Holy Spirit in a Christian's life.

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