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Archival Film Festival 2015


In 2015, the Archival Bulletin Board is turning onto a silver screen. Every month in 2015 we will be displaying a rare film from our vault, all featuring some aspect of the history of Christian evangelism.

Thanks to Bruce Knowlton of Wheaton College's Academic and Media Technology for his invaluable help in putting together this film festival.

Now Showing

January 2015: Songs of Fanny Crosby



For the first selection in our year-long archival film festival we are featuring the 1947 production, Songs of Fanny Crosby.

Frances Jane Crosby
(1820-1915) was one of the most influential American hymn writers. This film, which starred the great Gospel soloist George Beverly Shea (1909-2013), used a slight fictional framework as a setting for many of her most beloved hymns and to highlight the impact of her work on the everyday lives of millions of people. The movie was a production C. O. Baptista Films (called in its early days the Scriptures Visualized Institute), which was one of the first Evangelical Protestant film companies. The company was based if Wheaton, Illinois and parts of the Fanny Crosby film were shot in the Morton Arboretum in the nearby town of Lisle. This film is F70 in Collection 225.

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