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December 2014: Christmas Greeting from 1951


From all the staff of the BGC Archives
To all the visitors of this page

As we enter the season of celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ
We wish you and yours
a most merry, peaceful and happy Christmas
And a splendid New Year

Homer Rodeheaver in 1935

This month we highlight a wartime Christmas message from Homer Rodeheaver (1880-1955).

Rodeheaver was a Gospel soloist and musician best known for serving as master of ceremonies for the meetings of evangelist Billy Sunday. For decades, his energetic leading of Gospel songs was a well known part of American evangelism. In 1920 he began Rainbow Records, the first record company in the United States dedicated solely to religious music. (In 1910 he had founded The Rodeheaver Company to publish sheet music and song books.)

In the fall of 1951, while the United States was in the midst of the Korean conflict, Rodeheaver released a 78 ips phonograph record entitled "Homer Rodeheaver Wishing You a Merry Christmas." There was a three and a half minute recording on each side, meant to bring some Christmas cheer at that dark time. Click on the image below to hear the entire seven minute recording, side two playing immediately after side 1. The recording is P21 in the Archives Collection 322.



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