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November 2013: Billy Graham - A Life in Strips

Comic strip for children published in several British Christian periodicals in conjunction with Graham's 1966 evangelistic meetings in London.   Booklet for the general public published by the executive committee of the 1975 Billy Graham Hong Kong evangelistic campaign   Comic strip published in The Daily Sketch, an English daily newspaper, in conjunction with Graham's 1966 evangelistic meetings in London.

The life of international evangelist Billy Graham has been told in many different formats over the years - including comic strips. Featured on the Bulletin Board this month are three such biographies that were published in England and Hong Kong. It is fair to say that the actual facts of Rev. Graham's life were in each case only the starting point for the themes the authors wanted to emphasis. It is also interesting to note how the actual American circumstances of his life were translated for audiences in different nations to bring out their more universal aspects.

For another international pamphlet telling the story of Rev. Graham's ministry in terms of cartoons, see the Bulletin Board for February 2000.



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