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October 2013: Hitting the Beach - InterVarsity's Spring Break Evangelism

Beginning in April 1962, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship launched its Beach Evangelism program in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Led by evangelist Paul Little, it was envisioned to accomplish two tasks: 1) to bring the gospel to vacationing student revelers on Spring Break and 2) to be a "laboratory for evangelism" by training Christian students to share their faith.

Above (top) is a 1963 photograph of an "Open Forum" beach outpost to draw students for spiritual conversations.

Below is Little's report on the 1962 event. Notice item #6 referring to the Wheaton College [Men's?] Glee Club performing on the Twist Platform.

These items come from the Archives' Collection 300 - InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Records. The IVCF records in the Archives document the effort until 1968. IVCF's most recent beach evangelism took place in April 2013 in Panama City Beach, Florida.

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