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April 2012: Postcards of Christ's Passion


Jesus before Pilate: Behold the Man.

For many years the Billy Graham Center Museum staff with diligence and discernment collected postcards that had a Christian theme. The collection grew to include thousands of items from throughout the 20th century, mostly American, and of great variety. There are images of meeting tents, churches, activities, denominations, individual evangelists, illustrations of passages of scripture, Gospel messages and much more. In 2006, this collection was transferred to the BGC Archives.

In 2008, several of these were highlighted on the Bulletin Board. This year we are going to show a few more, starting this month with with Easter scenes of the Passion of Jesus' last week and His resurrection.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, sets of postcards with scenes from the Bible, including the life of Christ, were very numerous. Especially popular were photo re-enactments. Besides created tableaus, the Archives also has stills taken of scenes from German and American Passion Plays and from paintings which reached a mass audience through postcards.

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For readers of this Bulletin Board who live near Wheaton, many more postcards with scenes from Christ's Passion will be available for viewing in the Archives Reading Room during April - Room 307 in the Billy Graham Center at 500 College Avenue.



The Resurrected Christ appear to Mary Magdalene.


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