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Evangelical Post Cards. The 2012 Selection

The Billy Graham Center Museum, under the leadership of James Stambaugh, for many years collected postcards, mostly American, which had a Christian or religious connotation of any kind. Many of these cards were explicitly evangelistic, advertising meetings or giving some kind of gospel message. This postcard collection was eventually transferred to the BGC Archives. Below are a few samples from its rich holdings.

April 2012 - Scenes from Christ's Passion, Death, And Resurrection

The postcards below come a religious pictures or Passion Plays (the most famous one in Oberammergau, Germany, as well as American ). The cards were usually sold in large sets, showing scenes from the life of Christ. None have dates, but they are all from the twentieth century, from about 1910 through 1970. Click on each of the images below to see a larger version.

All the postcards are from the BGC Archives Collection 636

CN 636 - 83.1692
CN 636 - 85.403c
Triumphant Entry.
The Last Supper
The Arrest
CN 636 - 83.1704  
Before Caiaphas
Before Herod
CN 636 - 88.160DI
Pilate: Behold the Man
Jesus Receives the Cross
CN 636 - 85.403h
The Crucifixion
Removing the crucified body of Jesus from Golgotha hill
The Risen Christ with Mary Magdalene
The Risen Christ with the disciples
The Ascension of Our Lord


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