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December 2009: Christmas Greetings from 1897

Front cover of the December 1897 issue of the Chicago Avenue Church's Our Field and Work, featuring a depiction ofthe Nativity of Jesus Christ, as told in the often-read narrative in the Gospel of Luke (from which the two verses below the illustration are taken). The artist is only identified by the initials "GS" in the lower left corner. From Collection 330, the Records of Moody Memorial Church. (The pages from the issues from July 1897 to June 1900 are number sequentially for each year -- the cover above would be page 89.)

Chicago Avenue Church was the name of the church founded by D.L. Moody and others in 1864 in Chicago. Known today as Moody Memorial Church or Moody Church, the ministry began as a Sunday school in 1858. Our Field and Work was launched by the church at the beginning of 1897. The pastor of the church at the time of the above publication was R.A. Torrey, Sr., widely known as an evangelist. Read a more detailed history of the church.

Also included (below) in the December issue was a Christmas meditation by Mark Guy Pearse, a well-known British, Methodist minister. Note also the "Moody's Missiles" column with sayings created or used by D.L. Moody.

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