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November 2008: Off the Archival Wall, Part 2 --
In the Archival Seminar Room

The Archival Seminar Room, adjacent to the Manuscript Reading Room, is where we conduct class and other large-group orientations to the Archives. We also use it to showcases a few of the posters and other graphic pieces from our collections. Displayed around the room are the poster from InterVarsity's very first missionary convention 1946 in Toronto (before relocating to the University of Illinois campus in Champaign-Urbana for seven decades), and several evangelism posters including Jesus' parable of the Good Shepherd. For our many online guests who don't come near our Wheaton facility (there were more than 488,000 of you last year), we want to share these beautiful graphic depictions and appeals with you. View all the Archives posters in the Archival Seminar Room. Also view all the Archives posters in the Reading Room.

Copy of a handbill announcing the jubilee (50 year) anniversary of the Woman’s Union Missionary Society. 1910. The WUMS was started in 1860 by women in Boston and New York to provide a source of support for single women who wished to go overseas as missionaries. The poster appears to be done in Le style Mucha. Alphonse Mucha was a very highly regard Czech graphic artist who was working in the United States from 1906 through1910. This 1910 poster was done in his style. Billy Graham Center Archives. Collection 379, Box 48, Folder 2. See enlarged version.

Missed Part 1 earlier this year? See the posters featured in the Manuscript Reading Room. (Also see more Archives posters at our 2007 online exhibit, A Sign Unto You).

Also see the posters in the Reading Room

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