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October 2006: Songs in the Night

From the Torrey Maynard Johnson papers - Collection 285, Box 44, Folder 9

On June 6, 1943 Torrey Johnson, founder and pastor of Midwest Bible Church, began broadcasting Songs in the Night radio program from his church. The following year the program was directed by Rev. William "Billy" Graham and aired from the Western Spring Baptist Church (The Village Church) where he was the pastor. The above newsletter contains information about the broadcast. When Billy Graham left the church in 1945 to serve with Youth for Christ Rev. Peter Stam III took over the broadcast followed later by Rev. W. Lloyd Fesmire. In 1968 the radio program was broadcasted from Moody Church in Chicago. Dr. George Sweeting then took over as radio pastor followed by Dr. Warren Wiersbe and later by Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer.

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