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September 2006: From Darkness to Light

from the Herbert J. Taylor papers, Collection 20, box 11, folder 10 (84.1803a)
Poster used as part of the Salvation Army's "Darkness to Light" campaign in China in 1941. The characters at the bottom announce the campaign theme, "Darkness to Light." The characters across the top of the poster read "God is light. In Him there is no darkness. Reject darkness, approach light." The poster came to the Archives as part of the papers of Herbert J. Taylor, a Christian businessman in Chicago who founded the Christian Workers Foundation in 1939. The Foundation contributed funds to the Salvation Army for use in the "Darkness to Light" campaign. Taylor also had a very influential role in providing resources and direction to launch ministries to young people like Youth for Christ, Young Life, Christian Service Brigade, Pioneer Girls, InterVarsity and more. He also contributed leadership to citywide evangelistic events like Billy Graham's 1962 and 1971 crusades. Taylor served on the board of Salvation Army.

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