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Collection 285, Box 10, Folder 4

April 2005: A Cartoonist in Africa

Claudon and Gladys Stuaffacher were workers of the Africa Inland Mission at Oicha in the Belgian Congo. In the spring of 1953, they had a visit from newspaper artist Lou Trakis. Trakis drew pictures of scenes from the Stauffacher's list which the Stauffachers later included in a letter they sent to their supporters in the United States. The pictures give a nice informal picture of at least missionary family of the time. (The Archives' copy of the letter is the one they sent to Rev. Torrey Johnson. It can be seen in Collection 285, Box 10, Folder 4.)

Click here to read the Stauffachers' letter June 1, 1953 describing Trakis visit.

Click here to see close-ups of the cartoons in the letters.

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