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Photo File: Voice of Calvery Ministries-Conference and Events
1981: Rev. Pannell leading a Chrisitan Community Development workshop at the Voice of Calvary Ministries' Study Center in Jackson, Mississippi, USA.

February 2005: The Church in Black and White: William E. Pannell

Rev. William E. Pannell during his life has been a youth worker, evangelist, activist, theologian, professor, seminary chaplain, mentor, and popular author. In particular he has been often been a commentaor on the sin of racism in America. The Archives has seven hours of oral history interviews with him in which he describes his childhood, education, Christian faith, and developing ministry. Other collections contain documents illustrating his work and influnce as a church leader and social commentator.

Click here to go to the guide to Collection 498, Interviews of William E. Pannell.

Click here to read a ca. 1971 article by Rev. Pannell, "Weakness as a Way to Power."

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