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January 2005: "I Study the Child's Face"

from Photo File: Dickson, Lillian

When you write up an orphan's history for the office chart & for the sponsor, it makes your heart ache, not the words, but the thought of what the wee one has suffered, he so small, vulnerable & defenseless & yet has had heartaches almost beyond what adults could bear. I study the child's face, does that quiet look hide a broken heart, despair?

from Photo File: Dickson, Lillian

Lillian Dickson (1901-1983) wrote these words in 1977 fifty years after she and her husband James had arrived in Taiwan as missionaries. In 1948 with very little resources she founded Mustard Seed, Inc. in order to meet the needs of the mountain peoples of Taiwan throught the ministry of evangelism, adoption, childcare, education, medical work, development aid and relief. The mission grew to include work with nationals in Irian Jaya, Paupua New Guinea.

Collection 593 - Papers of Lillian Dickson contains correspondence, diaries, manuscripts, newsletters, audio tapes, clippings, photo albums, photographs, prayer calendars, and video tapes which documents Lillian's life and ministry.

The quote at the top of the page is from Lillian's 1977 diary in Collection 593, box 4, folder 1.

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