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June 2002: Victor Plymire's Tibet"

from Photo Album File: Plymire IV

Victor Guy Plymire (1881-1956) spent most of his life as a missionary among the Tibetan peoples, evangelzing and planting churches. He also had a deep fascination with and love for Tibetan culture. This expressed itself in the photos he took and films he shot of rual and urban Tibetan social, economic and cultural life. The Archives contains copies of his films and four scrapbooks (containing images he shot, developed and printed himself) Each scrapbook is also carefully captions, something which is not always true with albums that wind up in Archives. On this page are samples of his images, in each case copied along with his original caption. Above is an image of a Tibetan bride. Below are links to several of his other photos.

To find out more about Victor Plymire and the documents in his collection, go to the online guide to Collection 341.

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