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January 2004: Pray to God for Swaziland

from Collection 280, Box 2, Folder 19

Pray to God for Swaziland, that the Love of God may be seen here, that it may start a fire here which will burn continually, and enlighten their darkened minds. And may he also give me zeal and power to do his work which he has given me, so that nothing will be undone when I am called home. [Letter of Malla Moe dated January 1, 1894. Click here to view the complete text.]

from Accession 99-21

Norwegian pioneer missionary Petra Malena "Malla" Moe (1863-1953) traveled to South Africa in 1892 with the newly formed Scandinavian Alliance Mission (now TEAM). During her sixty-one year career she witnessed to hundreds of Africans of the Love of Jesus Christ. In her Last Will and Testament she had the work of the mission in mind when she wrote I like after God has called me Home, to tell you who are left not to sell anything of my things for money, or give it away to any person; but it is to be used for God in the Mission work where most needed.

from Collection 280, Box 2, Folder 19

The photograph on the right shows Malla Moe presenting the gospel to Swaziland queen mother while Malena Svalheim sits in the background. This photograph was used in the production of the Swaziland stamp on the right. The stamp shows Arthur Jensen of TEAM (left), King Sobhuza (right) and his son, King Mswati III (upper left).

from Collection 280, Box 2, Folder 19

Group of boys received their striped shirts from Malla (center of photo) who gave clothes from American friends. Mrs. Arthur Jensen stands at the right.

from Accession 02-02

Materials about Malla Moe are located in Collection 280 - Papers of Petra Malena "Malla" Moe. The collection consists of diaries, notebooks, correspondence, clippings, financial records, tracts, photographs and certificates. The correspondence documents evangelistic work among South African tribes in Swaziland and Tongoland and includes descriptions of the Boar War, life in African communities, and church growth.

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