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September 2002: Missionaries to China

The Records of the United States Home Council of Overseas Missionary Fellowship (China Inland Mission) - Collection 215 contain much information on the individuals who went to China and other Asian countries as missionaries. One place to find this information is in the photocopies of the Canadian Council Candidate Registers (Box 17, Folders 2, 3). These registers list basic information about the missionary candidates. Most, but not all, of these forms are for Canadian candidates. The forms themselves appear to be a kind of checklist used to make sure that missionaries had handled all necessary details before leaving for China.

from Photo File: OMF (CIM) - Councils

Alexander Reid Saunders began his ministry with China Inland Mission in 1887 and five years later married Miss I. A. Smith. They became the parents of at least three children: Alice, Jessie, and George. Jessie and Alice died during the Boxers Rebellion in 1900. Below is a page from the candidate register book with additional information on him.

from  Collection 215, Box 17, Folder 2

Page 1 from the Canadian Council Candidate Register (Collection 215, Box 17, Folder 2).

from Photo File: OMF (CIM) - Conferences

What is believed to be a photo of Saunders at the
CIM Shanghai Conference of North American Workers, April 1891.

from Photo File: OMF (CIM) - Councils

Saunders (back row, third from left) at a China Council meeting held about 1916.

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