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February 2002: Women Missionary Societies

CN 379, OS 25.  Historical Files, General.
Blank certificate of the type that was given to the Missionary Bands organized in individual American churches to raise financial support and increase understanding of the work done by agencies engaged in church planting, evangelism and other Christian work outside of the United States. This particular certificate was issued by the Woman's Union Missionary Society.

One of the major pillars of support for American overseas missions almost from its beginnings has been the women's missionary auxiliary societies in individual churches. These small voluntary groups raised money for missionaries, sponsored speakers, printed literature and in general helped to educate Christians about the work of missionaries and their need for support, in terms of prayer and fellowship as well as finances. Among the collections in the Archives with documents that tell the story of their influence are 91, 330, 340, 359, 379, SC 41

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