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February 2001: Bill Glass Ministries


Photograph of a 1969 billboard advertising a crusade featuring Bill Glass in Greenville, MS can be found in Picture File - Bill Glass Ministries, 1969.

Since 1969, Bill Glass Ministries has enabled evangelist and former NFL player Bill Glass and his associates to hold evangelistic meetings and prison ministry visits across the United States. Bill Glass Ministries also worked with other ministries, such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes to provide other athletes opportunities for evangelism. In a letter dated June 2, 1969, legendary Dallas Cowboys head coach Tom Landry wrote:

You know, Bill, that there is no one that I would rather associate myself with more than you. You have made a tremendous impact with your crusades over the past couple of years. Everyone with whom I have spoken has commented on what a wonderful job you are doing.

The Bill Glass Ministries collection (CN 455) of materials contains records, newsletters, negatives, photographs, slides, films, and audio tapes relating to his career. Click to go to the descriptive guide of this collection.

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