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Treasures of Wheaton - 2006

“That Was the Time I Got Converted”
Born-Again Tales from the Billy Graham Center Archives

There a great deal of supplementary material for this part of the 2006 Tresures of Wheaton presentation available online.

•The complete text (along with several additional stories) and the audio files from the BGC Archives’ presentation can be found online at:

•An audio file of Oswald Smith’s sermon, “What Does It Mean to Believe?” can be found at:

•The interview quotes often had to be edited to fit in the time frame of the program. Complete, unedited transcripts can be found at the following addresses, as well guides to of the interviews used in the talk and brief biographies of the individuals quoted:

William Drury -
T. Michael Flowers -
Marguerite Owen -
Archer Torrey -
Andrew Wyzenbeek -
Consuella York -

•Information on other people mentioned in the talk can be found at:

Laura Barr-
Torrey M. Johnson Sr.-
Oswald J. Smith -

•Links to past Treasures of Wheaton talks which are now online can be found at:

•The main webpage for the BGC Archives is at:

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