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Marguerite Elizabeth (Goodner) Owen
- Collection 534

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Brief Description of This Collection

Title Page and Restrictions


    Henry Owen Jr.
    Marguerite Elizabeth Goodner Owen
An Essay on the Contents of the Collection (Scope and Content)

    Series: Paper records
    Series: Photo albums and photographs
    Series: Oral history interviews
Lists of Audio Tapes, Oversize Materials, Photo Albums, and Photographs in This Collection (Location Records)
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Brief Description.

Articles, audio tapes, booklets, correspondence, lecture notes, manuscript, newspaper clippings, outlines of lectures, photo albums, photographs, prayer letters, reports, research notes, scrapbooks, and travel brochures documenting the careers of Marguerite (Goodner) Owen and her husband Henry "Harry," missionaries to China with China Inland Mission (now Overseas Missionary Fellowship), 1933-1941, 1947-1951. Includes information on the Harry's work as OMF representative and later area director for the US Southwest and Midwest and Marquerite's ministry as a speaker at retreats.

Collection 534
[June 8, 2011]

Owen, Henry Jr.; 1907- 1984
Owen, Marguerite Elizabeth Goodner; 1909-2002
Papers; 1929-2002
3 boxes (3 DC, 1.5 cubic feet); Audio tapes, Oversize Material, Photo Albums, Photographs

Restrictions: None


Full name: Henry "Harry" Owen, Jr.
Birth: March 1, 1907, Birkenhead, England
Death: December 1984
Parents: Henry and Elizabeth Owen
Siblings: Isobel (1904-1931)
Marital status: Married Marguerite Goodner in Chefoo, China, August 30,1939
Children: Mary Elizabeth, September 25, 1942; Norman Goodner, January 23, 1944; Stephen Henry; March 2, 1949
Conversion: Age 20; fellow worker at an Insurance Company in Montreal, Canada led Harry to Christ.
Education: Moody Bible Institute, 1930-1933
1933-1934 CIM Language School, Anqing & Huaning, Anhui Province
1934-1939 CIM missionary
Career of Harry and Marquerite (Goodner) Owen:
1939-1941   CIM missionaries 
1941-1942 Furlough in United States
1942-1947 Harry appointed CIM Regional Director for the Southwest District (California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona), with speaking engagements for CIM throughout the United States
1947-1951 Kunming, Yunnan (1947-1949 Harry worked with political prisoners)
1951-1953 Worked as administrator with Wycliffe Bible Translators in California
1953-1958 OMF representative based in Orange County, California. Harry had frequent speaking engagements for the mission around the country.
1958-1964 OMF area director for the Southwest. Owens were in charge of the OMF guest house in Los Angeles, while Harry continued as a speaker.
1964-1972 OMF area director for the Midwest, with responsibility for the Chicago guest house on Maplewood Avenue
1972 Retired from the mission
Other significant information
The Owens moved to California upon retirement and continued to be active in OMF prayer meetings and similar activities. Harry's health began to deteriorate seriously, being diagnosed with Parkinson' disease in 1972 and in 1984 with cancer. After Harry's death in 1984, Marguerite continued to live in California until 1994, when she moved to the OMF Lammemier retirement home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In 2001 she moved into an assisted care facility in Lancaster.


Full name: Marguerite Elizabeth Goodner Owen
Birth: November 19, 1909, Gainsville, Texas
Death: October 17, 2002, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Parents: Edward Superior and Mary Grow Goodner
Siblings: Three younger sisters: Mary Mac, Dorothy, Jane
Marital status: Married Canadian Henry Owen Jr. in Chefoo, China, August 30,1939
Children: See information listed under Harry Owen family
Conversion: Born and raised in a Christian home
1926-1930 University of California, Los Angeles, B.A. degree
1931-1932 Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois
1932-1933 Bible Institute of Los Angeles (BIOLA)
1933-1934 CIM Language School, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province
1934-1939 CIM missionary
See Careers of Harry and Marguerite (Goodner) Owen above for data after 1939

[Note: In the Scope & Content section, the notation "folder 2-5" means "Box 2, Folder 5"]

Scope and Content

Series: Paper records
Arrangement: Alphabetical and chronological
Date range: 1929-1999
Volume: 1.5 cubic feet
Boxes: 1-3 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic China, Canada, USA
Type of documents: Articles, booklets, correspondence, lecture notes, manuscript, newspaper clippings, outlines of lectures, prayer letters, reports, research notes, scrapbooks, travel brochures
Correspondents: Marguerite Goodner Owen, Harry Owen, and friends
Subjects: Moody Bible Institute student life and missions, departure for China, China Inland Mission (CIM) Women's Language School in Yangzhou, life and mission work in China, CIM women missionaries in China, wedding of Henry and Marguerite Owen, CIM, missionary orientation, biblical basis for missions, furlough, retirement

Notes: Most of the collection consists of correspondence (most by Marguerite Owen) and scrapbooks. Marguerite wrote almost weekly over two hundred letters to her aunt, Marguerite Barrow Grow, from 1933-1940. The letters were originally kept in envelopes which were pasted onto pages of three scrapbooks. The archivist removed the letters and placed them into folders 1-7 through 1-10 and 2-1. Each of the three scrapbooks (folders 3-1 through 3-3) has been assigned an alphabetical letter based on the chronological order of the letters. There were many photographs (most are labeled) and other items pasted in the scrapbooks which were not removed. Most of the letters are addressed to "Agweet" a nickname for her aunt. These letters are handwritten and well preserved. They offer an interesting account of the life and mission work of a young, single missionary woman in China. There are annual typeset missionary letters from Marguerite for the years 1934-1937 and from her and Harry in 1939 clipped to some of these letters. Marguerite's letters begin with descriptions of her journey to China aboard the Danish freighter Anna Maersk in 1933. Marguerite goes on to detail her life in the CIM language school and at her first mission station in Fowyang. The letters also mention life with other missionaries and missions conferences she attended. There are purple font typewritten letters (folders 1-10 and 2-1) addressed to "Dearly Beloved Ones," "Dearly Beloved Family Mine," etc., which are carbon copy duplicates of letters sent to the family members and possibly prayer supporters. The originals of some of these letters are found in folder 2-2. The collection also contains Harry Owen's lecture notes and outlines on the topics the biblical basis of missions, challenges for missionary work, missionary orientation to the mission field, compassion for the lost, difficulties of being a single missionary, etc. Folder 2-19 contains a memorial service program and transcript of a speech by Marguerite's daughter, Elizabeth Owen Nordquist, given at the memorial service of Marguerite. Also included is Nordquist's letter detailing the service.

Exceptional items: A 1933 CIM Ladies outfit list, a program of special meetings and a letter announcing two groups who were setting sail for China in the fall of 1933 are in folder 2-3. Newspapers clippings about Marguerite's departure for China, her teaching in Honan Province, wedding, and one hundred mile wheelbarrow ride are located in folder 2-12. A letter dated November 7, 1933, in folder 1-7 describes the schedule of the CIM Women's Language School in Yangzhou. Marguerite's letters (folder 1-4) to her family give an overview of how evangelism took place in villages. In a letter written July 5, 1939, (folder 2-1) Marguerite identifies seventeen Ruths and six Helens she was corresponding with. Folder 2-15 contains twenty-six prayer letters of Harry and Marguerite. Folder 2-16 provides notes on the first meeting of the North Anhwei Regional Council on September 25, 1941. Harry's letters (folder 1-5) written from Yunnan Province describe his work and writings at the time when the Communists took over in 1949.

Letters (folder 1-6) are written to Marguerite and Harry from various friends including CIM missionaries James Herbert "Bert" and Winnifred Kane, Otto and Kathryn Dodd Schoerner, Ruth Williamson, Charles Richard "Dick" Hillis, Theodore and Olive Fischbacher, and others. Olive Fischbacher's letter of December 13, 1938, describes her and her husband's evacuation from Japanese controlled areas of China. A letter Winnifred Kane wrote describes the 1938 wedding of the Schoerners.

Scrapbook A (folder 3-1) contains an article from the CIM magazine, China Millions, written about Henry and Marguerite Owen, their background and their call to China. It also includes information on six other missionaries who also sailed for China in 1933. The scrapbook also contains photo scenes of Mt. Fuji in Japan, CIM's language school for women (students and staff in 1933-1934), Marguerite Owen in Fowyang, Anhui, staff and Chinese at Church girl's school in Fowyang in the summer of 1934 as well as scenes of the CIM compound in Fowyang. One photo compares Marguerite wearing western clothes and then Chinese clothes. Scrapbook B (folder 3-2) contains twenty-one photos, which document life in Fowyang with other missionaries. There is one photo showing the Daily Vacation Bible School in July 1937. There are four photos of the wedding of Louis and Nancy Gaussen (1936) and Theodore and Olive Fischbacher (1938). Also among the photos are those including missionaries Ruth Nowack, Mabel and Frances Williamson, and Helen (Mount) Anderson. Scrapbook C (folder 3-3) contains nineteen photos of Henry and Marguerite at their wedding and on their honeymoon. Two letters, pasted in the scrapbook, dated at the end of 1939, tell about their move from Fowyang to Chengyangkwan.

A very thorough coverage of issues of retirement is in Harry's manuscript (including research notes) on "Some Observations on the Retirement of Christian Workers" (folder 2-10). Harry addresses issues of housing, fellowship, personal goals, service in the church or in other organizations, visitation and service to the church abroad. Retirement "shock" and other special problems of retirement are also covered as well as Christian attitudes to retirement.

Folder 2-18 contains an unpublished manuscript, My Precious Agweet, edited by Norman Owen (Marguerite’s son) with excerpts from Marguerite’s letters to Marguerite B. Grow, 1933-1940, and some of her CIM circulars. This manuscript was given to Marguerite on her 90th birthday.


Series: Photo albums and photographs
Arrangement: Alphabetical by title
Date range: 1923-1943
Type of documents: Photo albums and photographs

Notes: There are three of Harry's and six of Marguerite's photo albums. For a complete description of each album refer to the Photo Album Location Record in this guide. Several loose photographs were placed into various photo folders. For a description of these go to the Photo File Location Record) in this guide.


Series: Oral history interviews
Arrangement: Chronological by date of interview
Date range: 1996-1999
Date range on events described: 1909-1988
Volume: 9 tapes (click here to see corresponding section of the Audio Tape Location Record)
Type of documents: Audio tapes

T1 (80 minutes). (Click to link to the transcript and audio file of this tape). [Note: the first thirty minutes are almost impossible to hear because of poor recording quality.] Chronology of her life from birth to the 1990s, her Christian parents, childhood, desires to be a missionary to China, influence of a Christian home, childhood memories, student life at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), opportunities for witness, relationship with God, teen years living in Hollywood, hearing Aimee Simple McPherson preach at Angelus Temple, more about life at UCLA, joining the Alpha Delta Kai sorority, impact of UCLA teachers, decision to attend Moody Bible Institute (MBI), the Depression in the US, reason for leaving MBI, impact of school on her life, memories of a music teacher at MBI

T2 (53 minutes). (Click to link to the transcript and audio file of this tape). Memories of a music teacher at MBI, meeting future husband Henry Owen at MBI and development of their relationship, courses taken at MBI, impressions of Chicago, hearing Dr. Harry Ironside preach at Moody Church, spiritual growth at MBI, memories of teachers at BIOLA, Dick Hillis, comparing BIOLA and MBI, reasons for joining China Inland Mission (CIM), attending six weeks of candidate school, CIM policies and doctrine, sailing to China, first impressions of China in 1933 and her thoughts as she left China in 1951 never to return as a missionary again

T3 (76 minutes). (Click to link to the transcript and audio file of this tape). First impressions of China on arriving in 1933, attending CIM language school in Yangzhou, language school schedule, ethnic background of students, reaction to deaths of John and Betty Stam, Katie Dodd Schoerner, teaching in a girls school in Fowyang (Anhui Province), purpose of school, comparing teaching and students in China with the US, the city of Fowyang and the Christian wife of the governor of city, the church in Fowyang, James Herbert Kane, evacuation from Fowyang because of the advancing Japanese army, being hospitalized for suspected case of tuberculous, "country work" (evangelistic work among villagers), co-workers Mabel Williamson and Ruth Nowack, stories of Chinese converts (a young girl who later became a "Bible woman"), evangelism with women, moving to another city for six months because of the Japanese invasion

T4 (31 minutes). (Click to link to the transcript and audio file of this tape). Evangelistic work with women in 1938, James Herbert Kane, conflict resolution within the CIM (Miss Larson incident), relations between Chinese and mission leadership, transition from paternalistic mission leadership to church leadership, American attitudes toward the church in China in the 1940s, furlough, activities after furlough in the USA

T5 (92 minutes) (Click to link to the transcript and audio file of this tape). Travel to Kaifung carrying $20,000 of mission funds, harassment by Japanese soldiers in Kaifeng, girls (fleeing the Japanese) hiding in the mission compound, journey to Taiho (road conditions, Chinese New Year, a bandit infested area), assignment to Whochu and work there with women and young people, trip to Chefoo to be married, passing through the lines of five armies, suspicions of the Japanese, seeing Harry Owen again after six years, Chefoo as a missionary vacation spot, procedure for two missionaries to marry, marriage service by James Hudson Taylor II, the need for male missionaries to be married, authoritarian and British nature of CIM at that time, John and Betty Stam, the Owens' decision to spend the year before furlough working in Chengyangkwan (Anhui Province), baptism at the new station (men could be immersed, but women had to be sprinkled), social composition of the church, Mr. Chen's development as a Christian leader, methods for teaching the Bible to unbelievers, the importance of heaven to the older women, development of Chinese church leaders, qualities important in a Bible woman, the Owens' first year of marriage, conflict between Watchman Nee and Western missionaries, problem of paternalism in missions, problem of "paid" Christians, hearing Watchman Nee preach

T6 (27 minutes) (Click to link to the transcript and audio file of this tape). Problem of "paid" Christians, the millionaire mission station at Yun (Anhui Province), the Kumintang in 1940, interrogation by Japanese, assignments in Shanghai in early 1941, furlough in the United States, effect of Pearl Harbor on the Owens, traveling in a blackout, Marguerite's work running the mission guest house in Los Angeles during the war, interviewing prospective missionaries, Bert and Winnifred Kane, traveling to Kunming in 1947

T7 (68 minutes). (Click to link to the transcript and audio file of this tape). The Owen's activities in Kunming (Yunnan Province), the Kunming church, English classes as a means of evangelism, visiting Yunnan in 1988, teaching Bible classes, teaching about heaven and the life of Jesus, country Christians versus city Christians, raising children on the mission field, the end of subsidies for the Chinese church, Arthur and Alice Glasser, relations between senior and junior missionaries, Pastor Li Rang's personality and preaching style, relations between the church and the mission, attitudes in Kunming toward the Communist takeover of the city in 1949, interviews of missionaries by Red Army officers

T8 (70 minutes). (Click to link to the transcript and audio file of this tape). Interviewing of missionaries by Red Army officers, other contacts with Communist officials, the first years of the church under Communism, story of a Christian Red Army soldier, increasing restrictions on the church and mission, Harry Owen's work with political prisoners, difference between the Kumintang and the Communists, difficulties of their trip exiting China, work for Wycliffe Bible Translators, Harry's speaking tours for OMF, Maurgerite's speaking engagements with the California Parent/Teacher Association, leading OMF prayer meetings, running the OMF's Los Angeles guest home, more on OMF prayer meetings, Harry's last years, transfer to Chicago and the Midwest in 1964, activities in Chicago, Marguerite's ministry of speaking at Christian women's retreats, counseling women involved in Christian work, the pattern of marriages in the OMF, narrowness of mind of Evangelicals in the United States, the Owens' retirement in 1972, move to California, Harry's deteriorating health and death

T9 (14 minutes). (Click to link to the transcript and audio file of this tape). Harry's deteriorating health and death, the decline of paternalism in missions, the current need for missionaries, Marguerite's trip back to Yunnan in 1988


The materials in this collection were given to the Archives of the Billy Graham Center by Marguerite Goodner Owen in August 1993, July, September and October 1994, June 1996, June 1997, May 1998, June 1999, May and June 2001 and by Robert Shuster in June 1999.

Accession: 93-91, 94-63, 94-77, 94-82, 96-59
March 26, 1997
Laurie Huber

Accession: 97-51, 98-29, 99-44, 99-49, 01-24, 01-37
April 8, 2002
Wayne D. Weber
R. Shuster

Accession: 96-59, 97-51, 98-29, 99-44
Type of Material: Audio Tapes
The following items are located in the AUDIO TAPE file.

All of the tapes below are reel-to-reel, 3-3/4 ips, one side only.

 T# Length Contents Dates
T1 80 min  Interview of Marguerite Goodner Owen by Robert Shuster. The interview continues on T2. The first thirty minutes are almost impossible to hear because of poor recording quality.  June 20, 1996
T2 53 min  Continuation from T1 of the interview of Marguerite Goodner Owen by Robert Shuster. June 20, 1996 
T3 76 min Interview of Marguerite Goodner Owen by Robert Shuster. The interview continues on T4. June 6, 1997 
T4 31 min Continuation from T3 of the interview of Marguerite Goodner Owen by Robert Shuster. June 6, 1997 
T5 92 min Interview of Marguerite Goodner Owen by Robert Shuster. The interview continues on T6. May 26, 1998
T6 27 min Continuation from T5 of the interview of Marguerite Goodner Owen by Robert Shuster. May 26, 1998
T7 68 min Interview of Marguerite Goodner Owen by Robert Shuster. The interview continues on T8. June 14, 1999
T8 70 min Continuation from T7 of the interview of Marguerite Goodner Owen by Robert Shuster. The interview continues on T9. June 14, 1999
T9 14 min Continuation from T8 of the interview of Marguerite Goodner Owen by Robert Shuster. June 14, 1999


Accession: 93-91
Type of material: Oversize Materials
The following items are in the OVERSIZE FILE. Request by collection number and folder location (in parentheses).

PRINT OF KITCHEN GOD (OS 11 ). Print of the kitchen god made on very thin paper (12"x18") in color, n.d.


Accession: 94-77, 01-24, 01-37
Type of material: Photo Albums
The following items are located in the PHOTO ALBUM FILE; request by Folder Titles (in bold) at the beginning of each entry below.

OWEN, HARRY - I. Album with 234 black and white photographs with scenes from Canada and Moody Bible Institute. Half of the photos are taken of scenes at Boy Scout (?) Camp Tamaracouta from 1923-1928 and have captions in white ink. Pictures also include scenes of a Scout Officers' Conference in Quebec City in 1929, marriage of Harold Lewis and Elizabeth Howarth, Eastern Townships Trip with views of various cities (Dixiville, Ladd's Mill, Baldwin Mills, Sutton), Coaticook Armory and Power Dam. Pictures also include scenes at Moody Bible Institute during 1930 Summer Term and 1931 Winter Term including photographs of John and Betty Scott Stam. 1923-1931.

OWEN, HARRY - II. Album with 355 black and white photographs of scenes from Moody Bible Institute, St. Fabien, Kentucky, Great Lakes, Montreal, China. Photos (many individual shots) of classmates (Margaret Goodner, Otto and Katharine Dodd Schoerner, John Stam) and teachers at Moody Bible Institute. Pictures also include a 1933 photo of John and Betty Scott Stam, photo of Chiang Kai Shek and Governor Long Chu Hsi, CIM missionaries in Anhui, Hubei and Yunnan Provinces, John and Isobel Miller Kuhn. 1930-1936.

OWEN, HARRY - III. Album with 206 black and white photographs with scenes of Rocky Mountains, Japan, China, California, and Quebec. There is a typed descriptive insert sheet between each page of photographs. Includes pictures of C.I.M - Tali (Yunnan Province), Paoshan Conference, Yuwangkai (Yunnan Province). There are six photographs showing the tribal market in Tali (Dali) in 1938 and other various scenes from Yunnan Province. Family photos include engagement and wedding photos of Harry and Marguerite Owen, Edith Owen and Harry's parents. 1933-1943.

OWEN, MARGUERITE - I. Album of 235 black and white photos and memorabilia from Moody Bible Institute and Bible Institute of Los Angeles. Pictures included are of classmates, friends, faculty, Missionary Union, China Band, Great Lakes Group and Chinese Visitation and buildings. Memorabilia consists of greeting cards, programs and commencement programs. Also included are two newspaper clippings and tickets from the 1932 Republican Convention, and a loose Christmas greeting card signed by John C. Stam. 1931-1934

OWEN, MARGUERITE - II. Album of 259 black and white photographs pasted onto album pages. There are no descriptions accompanying the photographs in the album. Photos include shots which appear to be taken in the US before Marguerite left for China, and departure and shipboard images on the ship Anna Maersk which Marguerite traveled on in 1933 to China. Photos of other missionaries, groups and individual shots of Chinese children and adults, one showing Marguerite being transported in a Chinese wheelbarrow, and photo of Elisabeth (Scott) Stam and her parents. Ca 1930s.

OWEN, MARGUERITE - III. Album containing 219 black and white photographs pasted directly onto the album pages. There are no accompanying descriptions with the photographs in the album. Included are missionaries and their weddings, co-workers, various groups of people, Chinese children and adults. Ca 1938-1939.

OWEN, MARGUERITE - IV. Album containing 129 black and white photographs pasted onto album pages. There are no accompanying descriptions with the photographs in the album. Photos are of missionaries (many in Chinese dress), their weddings and families, and friends. Included are several photos of Helen Priscilla Stam and one of her and her grandfather (Charles Scott), Otto and Kathryn Dodd Schoerner, and Isobel and John Kuhn. Ca. 1938-1941.

OWEN, MARGUERITE - V. Album of 182 black and white photographs pasted onto album pages. There are no accompanying descriptions with the photographs in the album except for one from Marguerite's students in Kaifeng. There is no front or back cover to the album. Images include missionaries, weddings, families, Marguerite next to a Chinese evangelism poster, groups and individual shots of Chinese adults and children, Marguerite with a group of school children. Ca. 1938-1939.

OWEN, MARGUERITE - VI. Album of 150 black and white photographs pasted onto pages in a small photo album. The back and side of the album are missing and the pages are loose. Many of the photos have accompanying identifying information. There is an image of the 1935 men's language school and the 1936 Mangchow [Yangzhou?] language school. Some of those individuals identified are Harry Owen, Charles Peterson, Helen Dalton, Helen Priscilla Stam and her grandfather Charles Scott, Mr. & Mrs. John Fee, Ray and Helen (Nowack) Frame, Ruth Nowack, Katie Dodd Schoerner, Helen Seitz?, Pearl Galloway, Marjorie Simpson, Hilda Riffel, Mr & Mrs. Arthur, Isobel and John Kuhn, Mary Smith, Agnes Harrison, Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Tomkins, Mr & Mrs. Alexander Mair, Dick and Margaret Hillis, Mr. & Mrs. George Steed, Bert and Winnifred Kane, Vincent and Margaret Crossett (wedding photo), Leroy King, Theodore and Olive Fischbacher, Dixon Edward (D.E.) Hoste (CIM general director), Mario Class...[?], Roberta Teueksbury, Ted Holmes, Olive Hueston, Mr & Mrs. Smail (wedding photo), Dick Hillis in Chinese clothes with Chinese evangelist and evangelism poster, Elizabeth Fischbacher. Ca. 1934-1936.


Accession: 93-91, 94-77, 94-82, 99-49, 01-24, 01-37
Type of material: Photographs
The following items are located in the PHOTO FILE; request by folder title (in bold) at the beginning of each entry below.

CHINA. Various scenes in Yunnan Province, including Anqing city wall, Anqing New Year's festivities, Inn at Shui Chai, tea shop, Mekong River, road to Tali. N.d. 6 b&w.

DUNN, GORDON TAYLOR. Shots of Gordon and Vera Dunn's wedding. N.d. 1 b&w.

FISCHBACHER, THEODORE & OLIVE. Wedding photographs of the Fischbachers. N.d. 2 b&w.

GAUSSEN, LOUIS & NANCY. Wedding photographs of the Gaussens, one with the wedding party. N.d. 3 b&w.

HAGLUND, ALEC & FRAN. Wedding photograph of the Haglunds and their attendants. N.d. 1 b&w.

HARDING, GORDON & MURIEL. Wedding photograph of the Hardings. N.d. 1 b&w.

HOLMES, TED & WILMA. Wedding photograph of the Holmes, 1941. 1 b&w.

JAPAN. Various pictures of Kobe, Japan: street scene, temples, Empress of Canada ship, Dick Hillis in front of Chinese gate. N.d. 5 b&w.

KIRKMAN, JACK & STELLA. Wedding photograph of the Kirkmans and wedding party. 1938. 2 b&w.

MAIR, ALEXANDER & BETTY. Wedding photograph of the Mairs. N.d. 1 b&w.

MATHEWS, ARTHUR & WILDA. Wedding photograph of the Mathews. N.d. 1 b&w.

OMF - CHINA - CONFERENCES. Marguerite Owen and other missionaries at OMF's triennial Anhui conference in 1935. Individuals are all identified on back of photo. 1 b&w.

OVERSEAS MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP (CHINA INLAND MISSION) Chinese Outstation Conference (ca. 1935) of pastors (including Pastor Wu) at Fowyang, Anhui; Mr. and Mrs. Dixon Edward (D.E.) Hoste and Miss Murray; group photo of Rev. and Mrs. Herbert Griffin, Bishop and Mrs. Frank Houghton, and Dr. and Mrs. Frank Keller at CIM's Los Angeles Center; groups of OMF missionaries; First North Anhui short-term Bible school (1934); North Anhui leaders at 1935 Fall conference; Pastors Ho, Wu, and Hsing with their families; Nsing Kwang Nuei and friend. 1934-1936, 1945, n.d. 16 b&w, 4 color.

OWEN, MARGUERITE GOODNER. Marguerite Owen in her wedding dress, with her Bible study group in Kunming, in Chinese dress, portrait photo, and with a Chinese child . Kunming Leprosarium with Henry Owen, Li Yen Ch'ing and Chinese officials. Harry Owen signing the deed of CIM church in Kunming. Train from Haiphong to Kunming. Two color photos of Marguerite taken in her retirement home in 1999. 11 b&w, 2 color. 1939, 1948, 1999, n.d.

PATERMAN, NORMAN & ALISON. Wedding photographs of the Patermans. One photo shows the wedding party. N.d. 2 b&w.

SCHOERNER, OTTO FREDERICK. Wedding photographs of Otto and Kathryn (Dodd) Schoerner, 1938. 3 b&w.

WEBB, HENRY & HELEN. Wedding photograph of the Webbs. N.d. 1 b&w.

WHIPPLE, ELDEN & MARIAN. Wedding photographs of the Whipples. One shows the wedding party. 1941. 2 b&w.


Box Folder Title Dates
1 1 Articles about China 1933, n.d.
1 2 Articles by Marguerite G. Owen 1936, n.d.
1 3 Booklets 1930-1932, n.d.
1 4 Owen, Marguerite G. to family 1933-1936
1 5 Owen, Marguerite G. to family and Marguerite B. Grow 1931-1950
1 6 Miscellaneous to Marguerite and Harry Owen 1929-1983
1 7 Owen, Marguerite G. to Marguerite B. Grow (from Scrapbook A) 1933-1934
1 8 Owen, Marguerite G. to Marguerite B. Grow (from Scrapbook A) 1934
1 9 Owen, Marguerite G. to Marguerite B. Grow (from Scrapbook B) 1934-1936
1 10 Owen, Marguerite G. to Marguerite B. Grow (from Scrapbook B) 1936-1939
2 1 Owen, Marguerite G. to Marguerite B. Grow (from Scrapbook C) 1939-1950
2 2 Owen, Marguerite G. and Harry to family 1939-1940
2 3 Documents: CIM 1933-1939
 Lecture Notes
2 4 "The Biblical Basis of Missions" n.d.
2 5 "Conversion of Mr. Shao" 1941
2 6 "The Holy Spirit, The Power for Missions" 1961
2 7 "The Story of Lai Sit Lan" 1956
2 8 "Truth from Chinese Characters" 1942
2 9 "Upright Wave and Bamboo Princess" 1944
2 10 Manuscript and research notes: "Some Observation on the Retirement of Christian Workers" by Harry Owen 1973
2 18 Manuscript: My Precious Agweet 1999
2 19 Memorial Materials: Marguerite Goodner Owen 2002
2 11 Miscellaneous 1933-1937
2 12 Newspaper clippings 1933-1941, n.d.
2 13 Outline: "Missionary's Orientation to the Field" n.d.
2 14 Outline: "History of Christian Missions in China" 1968
OS11 Print of the kitchen god n.d.
2 15 Prayer Letters 1933-1956
2 16 Report: CIM North Anhwei Regional Council 1941
2 17 Report: OMF missionary furlough 1979-1980
3 1 Scrapbook A 1933-1934
3 2 Scrapbook B 1934-1939
3 3 Scrapbook C 1939-1940

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