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Click to get to excerpt 1 with Tom Skinner

Tom Skinner discusses early evangelistic outreach in Harlem and his passion to preach the Gospel. (11/98)

Click to get to excerpt 2 with Debbie Dortzbach

Missionary Debbie Dortzbach recalls her Wheaton College experience and its impact on her captivity by the Eritrean Liberation Front. (11/98)

Cliff Barrows explains how he plans the musical elements of a Billy Graham crusade. (11/98)

Click to get to excerpt 4 with Martha Philips

Martha Philips remembers being held in a Japanese internment camp while a missionary in China. (11/98)

Click to get to excerpt 5 with Jacqueline Huggins

Jacqueline Huggins tells what was behind beginning translating training program for semarians in the Philippines. (11/98)

Vernon Patterson describes evangelist R.A. Torrey's visit to his home. (11/98)

Click to get to excerpt 7 with David Adeney

David Adeney tells about the beginning of China's Inter-Varsity movement. (11/98)

Click to get to excerpt 8 with 
	Helen Sawyer

Helen Sawyer talks about the impact of the Vietnam War on missionary work in Laos. (11/98)

Click to get to excerpt 9 with Nate Fawcett

Nathanael Fawcett remembers the events leading up to what became the Wheaton Revival in 1995. (11/98)

Click to get to excerpt 10 with Bill Drury

Bill Drury remembers his street preaching on New York City street corners. (11/98)

Click to get to excerpt 11 with Rene Padilla

Rene Padilla recalls the early days of his ministry among university students in Latin American with IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students). (6/00)

Click to get to excerpt 12 with John Perkins

John Perkins reflects on the trivialization of sin into "mistakes" and recalls how his hospital recovery fueled his search for forgiveness for the hatred he felt after being imprisoned and beaten in a Mississippi jail in 1970. (10/00)

Click to get to excerpt 13 with Andrew Wyzenbeek

Andrew Wyzenbeek remembers his first encounter with the gospel, attending a Billy Sunday meeting in 1908, and the power of the Bible in drawing him to faith. (12/00)

Click to get to excerpt 14 with Merrill Dunlop

Merrill Dunlop describes the early days of radio broadcasting in Chicago and his part with evangelist Paul Rader in the city's first Christian radio program. (10/00)

Click to get to excerpt 15 with Herbert Downing

Herbert Downing remembers Theodore Roosevelt's 1909 visit to Rift Valley Academy in Kenya for the laying of the school's cornerstone. (10/00)

Click to get to excerpt 16 with Consuella York

Jail chaplain Mother Consuella York assesses the qualities and character needed to have an effective spiritual ministry to prisoners. (11/00)

Click to get to excerpt 17 with Jack Wyrtzen

Evangelist Jack Wyrtzen describes his late 1940s television broadcast and gives his observations of television evangelists during the 1980s. (12/00)

Click to get to excerpt 18 with Milton Acosta

Milton Acosta depicts the world of migrant farm workers with whom he worked in Alabama. (07/01)

Click to get to excerpt 19 with John Huffman

John Huffman remembers the founding of the National Association of Evangelicals. (12/00)

Click to get to excerpt 20 with Roger Malstead

Roger Malstead tells about being expelled from the Soviet Union in 1961 after distributing Christian literature with OM founder George Verwer. (07/01)

Click to get to excerpt 21 with Robert Carlson

Robert Carlson recalls his experience of growing up and being homeschooled in Tibet in the 1930s, where his parents were missionaries. (10/01)

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