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A Story of the Titanic


Headline from an April 14, 1912 Chicago paper about the sinking of the Titanic

In the spring of 1912, Rev. John Harper was scheduled to preach for several weeks at Moody Church in Chicago. He, together with his daughter Annie Jessie "Nana" (or Nina) and his neice Miss Jessie W. Leitch, sailed on the maiden and last voyage of the Titanic. The records of Moody Church in the Archives includes materials - newspaper clippings, minutes, a memorial service - that tell the story of this small part of the larger tragedy, including the young women's account of the sinking of the liner.

Click to see the Chicago newspaper clippings about the event.

Click to read the contemporary record of the sinking of the liner in the minutes the Moody Church.

Click to read the memorial resolution passed by Moody Church.

Click to read a June 1912 article about Rev. Harper's live and last hours.

Click to read articles about John and Nana Harper in June 1912 issue of The Moody Church Herald dedicated to them.

The web site for the Encyclopedia Titanica has entries for John and Nina Harper as well as Jessie Leitch. Click to go to the entry on John Harper.

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