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A Story of the Titanic - Meeting Minutes

Following are excerpts from the minutes of the executive commmittee of the Moody Church of Chicago for April 17 and Aptil 24, 1912. B\Collection 330, Box 67, Folder 2
From minutes of April 17, 1912

Sinking of the Titanic.

Sad news of the sinking of the largest ocean streamer in the world has been received; and as the Rev. John Harper of London Eng. with his daughter Nana and a niece Miss Leitchs and from all information to date only the child and niece were saved. Bro. Wooley & McGlashan made hast to be in N.Y. to meet them as they get off the streamer Carpathia which rescued about 750 of the 2200 persons on board. Mr. Harper's death is one of the most tragic result of this dreadful accident. He was from London Eng. Walworth Rd. Bapt. Church and was on his way to the Moody Church which was to be a revisit of from 3 to 6 months, and from the knowledge gained from his previous visit among us we are sure he like so many others stepped aside that the women and children might be taken off first. His loss will be deeply felt by the many friends in this city who were so richly blessed by his ministry among us. 1595 died that 750 might live.

Dr. Dixon cabled to Mr. Wooley to go to meet Mr. Harper's daughter and niece in N.Y. and Bro. Gaylord was asked to cable back that Br. Wooley and McGlashan were on their way.

From minutes of Apr. 24th 1912

Bro. McGlashan made a report of the trip he and Mr. Wooley made to N.Y. City to look after the welfare of Bro. Harper's daughter and niece on their arrival after the shipwreck.

M & C [Moved and carried] Bro. McGlashan, Wooley and Aitchison be appd. [appointed] to write letters of thanks to Mr. Wooley's uncle, D and Mrs. Betts, for the kindness they bestowed on Dr. Harper's daughter and niece; also to send resolutions to the Walworth Rd. Ch. England.

M &C. this comm. indorse the going of Mr. McGlashan and Wooley to N.Y. and we pay all expenses.

M & C that night lettergramme be sent the daughter and niece to wish them a safe journey back to England.

Pastoral comm. announce service for Rev. J. Harper.

M & C the special comm. bring in a report on a special fund to be started for Nana Harper. The church paper editor is instructed to make the June issue a memorial issue for J. Harper.

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