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Posters Featured in the Manuscript Reading Room

Poster illustrating the Biblical parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:10-23). Poster used for street corner evangelism in China in the 1930s and 40s. The evangelist would tell the story of the poster, thereby gathering a crowd to which he would preach. Billy Graham Center Archives. From Collection 231, Oversize drawer OS 60. See enlarged version with additional link for very large version.
One of a series of posters ca. 1950s that missionary radio station HCJB in Ecuador distributed to churches in the United States to help raise support. Billy Graham Center Archives. From Collection 349, oversize drawer OS 1. See enlarged version.

Posters from Billy Graham’s evangelistic crusades

(Left) From the Atlanta Crusade, October 29-December 3, 1950, during the first year of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's ministry. From Collection 1, Box 1, Folder 2. See enlarged version.

(Right) From the Central Park Rally, New York City, September 22, 1991, in the later part of his public ministry. From Collection 17, oversize drawer OS 29. See enlarged version.

Map of the mission stations of the China Inland Mission. The map is comprised of sixteen panels, secured with a cloth backing and designed for folding. Ca. 1948. From Collection 215, Oversize drawer OS 20. See enlarged version.
Poster in the French and Belgian languages for the 1950 International Congress of Youth for Christ, held in Paris, France. YFC had started in the United States in the mid 1940s to reach teenagers and young adults. By 1950, organizations had been started in many countries. Billy Graham Center Archives. From Collection 48, Oversize drawer OS 29. See enlarged version.
Poster advertising “The Seven Evangelists” holding meetings at Bierod’s Beer Garden in Louisville, Kentucky. B. Fay Mills (1857-1916), in the round picture in the middle of the poster, was the main speaker. 1895. Billy Graham Center Archives. From Collection 195, Box 3, Folder 1. See enlarged version.

Logo and Lausanne Covenant from the International Congress on World Evangelization in July 1974. The Congress was a meeting sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association which met in Lausanne Switzerland. It was attended by invited Evangelical leaders from around the world. One of the documents coming out of the meeting was The Lausanne Covenant, which attempted to define in 20th century terms the essentials of Christian evangelism. It has since been used by many groups around the world as a kind of basic creed of Evangelical belief. From Collection 46, Box 229, Folder 15. See enlarged version of Covenant. Read transcribed version of the Covenant at the Website of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization.

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