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Wheaton College Revival, 1995

Documents from the 1995 Wheaton Revival

From March 19 to March 23, there was a communal experience of the Holy Spirit on the campus of Wheaton College that has become known as the 1995 Wheaton revival, one of several that occurred on college campuses or in churches at about this time. (Pictured above is a scene of the meeting of March 21 in the nearby College Church. The church made their sanctuary availed to the college during the revival.)

Click here to read through the guide to the oral history interviews, clippings, e-mail, video tapes and other documents in the BGC Archives about the 1995 and earlier Wheaton revivals.

Click here to read brief excerpts from some of the oral history interviews done about the 1995 revival.

Click here to read the press release about the collection.
Click here to read "An Omer of Manna: Using Oral History to Document the 1995 Wheaton Revival," a talk given by Paul Ericksen, associate director of the Archives, in October, 1997.

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