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The Reading Room of the Billy Graham Center Archives, located on the campus of Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, is open to all. We encourage people who are interested in the collections to come and search through the files, documents, photos, films, audio tapes, etc. themselves if that is at all possible. People who cannot come to the Center can use a small percentage of our materials via the Web and can also have access, via inter-library loan, to several hundred audio tapes of oral history interviews as well as hundreds of reels of microfilm.

However, there are still circumstances when a patron needs to have research done in collections which are not on the web or available for loan, but they are unable to come to the Center or arrange for someone to come for them. In these situations, the staff of the Archives will, for a fee, do research for patrons. This service is intended both to provide access for those who could not otherwise use the Archives and also to generate income for the Archives.

1. As they have done in the past, the staff will spend up to half an hour for free on requests from patrons. After this free half hour, the patron will be informed about the research services available for a fee.

2. The Archives staff provides free reference service for donor organizations and individuals to materials which they donated to the Archives.

3. The fee for non-donors for research services is $25 (US) per half hour. A non-refundable $25 (US) deposit is required to initiate the service.

4. The patron may request that the request be treated as urgent. That means that a staff member begins work on it immediately and the patron is charged at a rate of $50 per half hour, double the usual cost. When an urgent request is received, the director will review the staff's current workload to see if it is feasible to assign the request top priority. If not, the director will inform the patron. If the patron wishes, the request can then be handled as a normal research request, within probably a two-week time frame.

5. For the research services fee, the staff will search the Archives for the information desired by the patron and will provide the patron with a report of what is available. The staff will also arrange for the copying of unrestricted documents, photos, audio tapes, etc., which the staff have discovered in their search if the patron desires. Time spent making these arrangements is also considered billable research.

6. The research services fee does not include duplication costs and use fees and the patron is still responsible to pay these.

7. The staff will do their best to provide desired information and/or materials within two weeks of receiving deposit.

8. The fee is for the research work done by the staff, therefore it is charged whether or not relevant information or material is found. The patron may place a limit on the amount of time the staff spend on the project.



A patron is working on a book about evangelism in American cities from 1900 to 1920 and he would like to find out if the Archives has any photographs he could use as illustrations. He hires the staff to do research for him and sends a $25 deposit. In two hours, they find fifteen photos, handbills, posters and other items that seem suitable. They send Xeroxes of all these items to the patron. He selects five he would like to get copies of. The patron fills out the necessary forms and sends payment for the use fee, the duplication charges and the research fee. When payment is received, the staff process the order and send the patron the images he requested.

Research fee (for the original search) - 2 hours@ $50 per hour $100
Use fee for five photographs 5 items@ $20 per item $100
Duplication charges - 5 8 x 10 b&w $20.00 for the first, ten for the rest $ 60
Total $260 (includes deposit)

Effective: 1/1/2001

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